Dry Ski Slope

A dry ski slope or artificial ski slope is a ski slope that mimics the attributes of snow using materials that are stable at room temperature, to enable people to ski, snowboard or snow tube in places where natural, snow-covered slopes are inconvenient or unavailable.Although commonly known as "dry ski slopes", many slopes are lubricated using a mist or jet system to increase speed and prevent damage to equipment from friction heat build-up. As a general rule, they are found predominantly in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands[citation needed] as other European countries tend to have ready access to real snow fields, as does North America in the winter.
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  • “And then we cycled straight up an old dry ski slope…”

    … and what we wanted to improve upon. I’m love a good climb so we got to tackle some nice technical ascents as well as some pretty hairy natural trail downhills. And then we cycled straight up an old dry ski slope… Read me cheesily link biking lessons to online marketing below: Learning how to drop-off In downhill, knowing how to drop off obstacles…

    Attacat Joel/ Attacat of Edinburgh- 12 readers -
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