Dux Soup

  • 6 LinkedIn Browser Extensions to Enhance Your Marketing

    … is in one comprehensive and intuitive dashboard. #2: Add Notes and Tags to Profiles With Dux-Soup If Nimble is more than you need, take a look at Dux-Soup, which has both free and paid versions. It’s another prospect and profile management browser extension. The Dux-Soup for LinkedIn extension will keep track of every profile you visit, and allows…

    Viveka Von Rosen/ Social Media Examiner- 23 readers -
  • 8 LinkedIn Marketing Tips From the Experts

    …. Install the Google Chrome Internet browser add-on called Dux-Soup, and you have a great way to automate the process. Dux-Soup lets you export a .CSV file of every LinkedIn profile you’ve visited in any given time frame. This .CSV file lets you see the name of the person whose profile you visited, his or her LinkedIn ID, job title, company name…

    Cindy King/ Social Media Examiner- 50 readers -