• ‘A different way of storytelling’: How The Washington Post shifts to video

    … strategy. How has Facebook Live been going? Live is not a new thing for us. We see it as complementary and a new way of getting potentially new audiences to what we’re doing live. It gives us room for experimenting to find new story formats that we think would work well on other platforms. We look at live in three components: our events business…

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  • The Washington Post is making vertical video ads for clients

    … the base price. Brands can run the creative elsewhere at whatever price they get through ad networks, plus the $3 premium for the Post. None of the advertisers have done so yet, but Dicker said he hopes that once clients see the performance, they’ll demand that rival publishers start running them. “Publishers have historically and continue to offer…

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  • In 10 months, Quartz has gone from zero to 200 million video views

    …. It has nearly reached 200 million views across platforms, according Delaney, (four months ago, Digiday reported Quartz met the 45 million view goal). Publishers like the Financial Times are finding success with Facebook video by playing both to the short video clips and the longer, documentary-style videos. Quartz still applies the Quartz curve…

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  • How the BBC, Sky Sports and other UK media are using Facebook Live video

    … Facebook’s live video product is catching on in the U.S., with publishers like the Washington Post, Vox, USA Today and many others streaming on the platform. It’s clear why media outlets are interested — Facebook favors live videos in the News Feed above regular videos, so in general they get more views. Also, Facebook announced this month…

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  • Why ‘Entertainment Tonight’ is ‘obsessed’ by potential of Facebook video

    … CBS’s celebrity news series “Entertainment Tonight” gets 5 million viewers on TV every evening. But in an effort to reach a younger demographic, the program has embraced the distributed-content model — which now also means publishing more video to Facebook. While it has more than 4.2 million Facebook fans, “Entertainment Tonight” is relatively…

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  • The Daily Beast launches two Facebook live video series

    … The Daily Beast is the latest publisher to join the Facebook live streaming party. The IAC-owned news and entertainment site is launching two new original live series on Facebook. “Cheat Sheet,” which launches March 14 and will air every weekday at noon, will bring the site’s popular editorial series of the same name into a video format. Editor…

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