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An email client, email reader, or more formally mail user agent (MUA), is a computer program used to access and manage a user's email.The term can refer to any system capable of accessing the user's email mailbox, regardless of it being a mail user agent, a relaying server, or a human typing on a terminal. In addition, a web application that provides message management, composition, and reception functions is sometimes also considered an email client, but more commonly referred to as webmail.Popular locally installed email clients include Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Pegasus Mail, Mozilla's Thunderbird, The Bat!, Eudora, KMail in the Kontact suite, Evolution and Apple Inc.'s Mail.
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  • Killer App? Why Not Just Kill The App

    …, the app (Waze, Apple Maps, etc.) can still provide turn-by-turn directions. Repetitiveness. Think of something like Starbucks, where you are using your app to find locations and/or pay with your phone every day. This might also be the case for an app that helps pay for parking meters, checks weather, or even your e-mail client. The thinking…

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