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    • 36 Case Studies That’ll Help You Understand Content Marketing ROI

      Content marketers are obsessed with tying their work to ROI, and rightfully so. Whether you create content to drive brand awareness, generate leads, or spark a sale, you have a responsibility to show the tangible impact of your investment. ROI means different things to different people, but on a basic level, it’s just proof that your department knows what it’s doing.

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  • How Content Marketing Teams Are Evolving in 2016

    … their resources and drive ROI. Multimedia newsrooms If there’s one top trend in media today, it’s video. Time spent with digital video continues to rise, with over 224 million Americans expected to watch an average of 75 minutes of video a day by 2018, according to eMarketer. In June 2016, Facebook’s vice president for Europe, Nicola Mendelsohn, even…

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  • The Marketing Executive’s Content Toolkit

    … Geared toward the high-achieving CMO, this content marketing toolkit has three guides that each cover a crucial aspect of the content process: content strategy, hiring, and measurement and optimization. We know that outlining a documented content strategy is hard. There’s no established, one-size-fits-all template for how to proceed. That’s why…

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  • How to Build a Content Team

    … a marketer from his department and forcing him to write. There are plenty of budding and seasoned journalists willing to produce bylines for brands. The ideal writer will have experience in reporting and data-driven storytelling, and be able to complete high-quality projects under tight deadlines. For athenahealth’s John Fox, hiring journalists for his…

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  • How to Hire Superstar Content Marketers

    … Last year, Fractl and Moz scoured Indeed.com to understand the demand for content marketing roles. After parsing through over 75,000 job listings that contained digital marketing keywords and content marketing terms (think “social media marketing,” “content strategy,” and “Google Analytics”), researchers found that while brands were on the hunt…

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  • The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook

    … veins, and a stranglehold on social spend, its clear that Facebook is here to stay. Now, it’s up to marketers to learn exactly how the platform can make or break their content efforts. View your free copy of “The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook” by clicking the button below below. The post The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • Contently Quarterly: The Winter 2016 Issue

    … The first issue of Contently Quarterly came out in 2012. It was 60-some-odd pages, printed in 14-point font, and illustrated with low-res photos from my uncle’s Instagram feed. At the time, Contently only had eight employees, and we put the whole thing together in two weeks. It wasn’t beautiful, but it was effective; it quickly helped us raise…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Content Marketers

    … for them when it came to justifying how a well-funded, long-term plan for high-quality content affects the business’s bottom line. But in recent years, that’s gotten easier. Beginning with the first Panda update in 2011 and culminating with this year’s “Phantom 2″/”Quality” update, Google has handed marketers a clear mission: Produce smart, user-focused…

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  • Contently Quarterly: The Finance Issue, Spring/Summer 2015

    … I went to a small liberal arts school, 20 miles north of New York City, where everything was about storytelling. At the time, it felt like our work was the farthest thing from what was happening on Wall Street. Yet, as I graduated and eventually fell into a strange but wonderful life covering the new wave of brands becoming publishers here…

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