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  • 12 E-Commerce Marketing Tools to Get More Sales in Less Time

    … Today’s consumers are on mobile devices, and micro-moments can happen anytime. Consumers expect brands to remain available to them in real time, so e-commerce marketing has changed a lot. Photo by Bench Accounting Now, e-commerce marketing is all about keeping your brand visible to users during their micro-moments. First, people learn about your…

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  • 10 Remarkable E-commerce Marketing Tips for Boosting Your Sales

    … Are you struggling with selling your eCommerce products? If your answer is “yes,” then you have to redefine your eCommerce marketing strategies. In this post, I have put together 10 remarkable eCommerce marketing tips to help you increase the revenue of your online store. 1. Create a Content Marketing Plan It is necessary to create a content…

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  • Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing SEO for Shopify

    … your organic marketing that you are expecting. A well-planned SEO strategy can make all the difference between an average performing Shopify site and a super successful Shopify eCommerce store. The post Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing SEO for Shopify appeared first on PPC - About PPC - Pay Per Click Management | …

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  • Steps To Launch Your First eCommerce Website

    … If you contemplate on opening your first eCommerce business, you are on the right track to benefit from the paradigm shift in the shopping habits of the digital age shoppers. eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industries today that has outpaced a large number of traditional business due to the convenience it offers. At the same time… 20 readers -
  • How to Leverage Social Media for Your Ecommerce Business

    … It’s difficult to overstate the value of social media marketing in today’s digital landscape. As an ecommerce brand you can use social media to achieve many of your marketing goals. Social media can increase brand recognition and loyalty, improve your organic presence in search engine rankings, and create an engaged customer-base. Read…

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