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  • Voice Technology is Changing the Rules of Ecommerce and Customer Experience

    … who recognizes voice commands. She will get you out of bed, remind you to bring an umbrella due to rain, as well as set home temperature and lighting levels. The impact on customer experience: So far voice technology and Internet of Things promises a new level of convenience and customization. Home is home because of a hundred personal…

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  • Checkout-less Shopping: Faster Payments, Smarter Customer Data

    … never return. (Retail Customer Experience). Retail companies have tried to manage this pain point with barcodes, RFIDs, and self-checkout counters. But why not eliminate the checkout altogether? Here are some ways leading companies are using checkout-less shopping to create a frictionless shopping experience. Grab it and go “When checkout…

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  • Is Your Commerce System Vulnerable to Meltdown on Black Friday Cyber Monday?

    … During Thanksgiving 2016, Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit record breaking ecommerce sales in the United States. Over 108 million shopped online. Total sales reached $9.36 billion, and mobile sales also broke the $3 billion mark. Online sales outpaced brick and mortar sales, as more people (notably the millennial demographic) chose to surf…

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  • 5 SEO features to make sure your ecommerce platform supports

    … When choosing an ecommerce platform to power your online store, it’s important to consider search engine optimization (SEO) features in your decision-making process. No matter how experienced you are with SEO, when you put the power into a platform’s hands, you may or may not end up with ability to control elements of your site that are essential…

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  • The Fastest Ecommerce Platforms for Desktop and Mobile

    … Speed is money. It’s as simple as that when it comes to e-commerce. It’s not just consumers that abandon your site when it’s not performing well on desktop or mobile. Site and page speed impact search engine rankings as well. Search engines don’t want users frustrated when they visit a slow site, so there’s no use in ranking them well. If your…

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