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    • Seasonal Bidding Methods: Holidays Already?

      October 19, 2016 Happy Holidays everyone! Well, that may be a bit premature, but not in the advertising world where the preparation for the largest sales days of the year begins early. With the holidays coming up, it is only right that we begin speaking to seasonality and how to bid differently based on seasonality.

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  • The 3 Step Guide For Expanding Your Account Through DSA And Shopping Queries

    … August 30, 2016 Over the years, we’ve written many articles about the importance of Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) and Shopping ads as a means to find new keywords to implement in your Search Network text ad campaigns. Both DSA and Shopping campaigns act as ongoing keyword research tools as you look to expand your account. That’s great and all…

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  • What’s In A Name? Building Powerful Product Titles For Ecommerce

    … is that how you structure your title will vary based on: Strength of your brand If you’re the manufacturer or not The product category Search volume You only have 70 characters, so you want to use them wisely. How do you do that, you ask? To Brand Or Not To Brand? Should brand be included in the product title? The short answer is yes, but where…

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  • Ecommerce Secrets wtih Google, Bing, & Hanapin – New Webinar Panel!

    …! This Thursday, August 18th at noon EST, we’ll be hosting a webinar called Supercharge Holiday Sales With These Must-Have PPC Tactics. Along with myself, these fine folks will be presenting: Carrie Albright from Hanapin Marketing Jose Rodriguez from Google Purna Virji from Bing If you recall, Purna was voted the #1 most influential PPC expert…

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  • Google’s Not Selling Your Products Like It Used To

    … August 9, 2016 With the ongoing changes to Google Shopping, optimizing your product feed is more important than ever. Over the last several months, Google has been testing an aggregated shopping format for individual products sold by multiple retailers. This format most commonly involves devices and appliances. For example, if you search…

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  • Google To Release New Shopping And Travel Features

    … July 14, 2016 Well, we have all survived another Amazon #PrimeDay! Whether or not you found a great deal on Tuesday, Google has ensured that no PPC-er left the event empty-handed. According to their official blog, several upcoming changes to Shopping and travel-related ads can be expected in the near future. A New Kind Of Shopping Experience…

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  • Don’t Forget The Basics! Audit Your Account – A New Case Study

    … that only had the “+” modifier on one of the words, for example: “cheap baby +clothes.” After noticing this trend, I decided to look at overall match type performance, as well as pull a search query report. First, I looked at keywords with the “+” modifier: Then, I looked at regular broad match keywords: As you can see, search terms weren’t…

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  • Your Ultimate Google Shopping Exam Checklist

    … devices can see Product Listing Ads? There are some very big picture, and easily reasoned, questions sprinkled throughout the exam. Do yourself a favor and don’t overthink them. Merchant Center When it comes to the Merchant Center, your best bet is to double check the account creation process: getting your website claimed & verified…

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  • Don’t Let Google Shopping Campaigns Trip You Up

    … It’s been just about a year since Google officially replaced Product Listing Ads (PLAs) with the new and updated Shopping campaigns. Shopping campaigns provide everything an online shop could want: prime real estate on search pages, attention grabbing images, and hyper relevance to searcher intent. Yet, for all their great aspects…

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  • Volume or Return? – Where to Focus PPC Performance for Your Business

    … As Hanapin’s Senior Digital Advisor, I have the distinct pleasure of helping new brands partner with our team on a daily basis. One of the key questions we ask day one is: “What’s the most important metric or goal for this/these account(s)?” Occasionally we’ll get very specific KPIs from the prospect at this point (i.e. conversion rate, CPA…

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  • The Real Performance We’ve Seen With Ad Customizers

    … What are they again? Although the conversations about ad customizers began a few months ago, some folks are still learning just what they are and just how they work. Ad customizers are another opportunity created by Google to better connect your potential clients and customers with the most relevant information about your business. They allow…

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  • Easy Ways To Measure The Value of Branded Campaigns

    … It’s a common occurrence for clients to question the value of brand campaigns. From their perspective they often see a brand campaign as being spend that cannibalizes conversions from the organic listings. We have covered many times on PPC Hero why brand campaigns are important, so I won’t get into selling the importance of the branded…

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  • A Step-By-Step Introduction to Amazon Product Ads

    … will be analyze the steps around getting Amazon Product Ads live. Which Amazon Service? So your ecommerce client wants to get on Amazon. Should you send them to the normal Seller Central (I lump FBA in here), or Product Ads? Here are a few considerations to weigh and questions to ask yourself (and them). What does your product margin look like? I’ve found…

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  • Reassessing My 2014 PPC Suggestions And Looking To 2015

    … Run effective social PPC campaigns Let’s review each of these suggestions and see how relevant they were this year. In addition, I’ll speak to their increased or decreased importance moving into 2015. Make PLAs The Priority Looking back on this suggestion, it seems like a fairly obvious statement, but absolutely rings true. PLAs continue to show…

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