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    • 7 Tips To Optimize Your Bing Shopping Campaign

      May 4, 2017 There is some business jargon that you can not escape, no matter how many ear plugs you shove in your ears. The word of the day is: OPTIMIZE! We recently covered the basics of setting a Bing Shopping campaign and now we want to explore the opportunities to learn more about your campaigns and improve overall efficiency.

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  • A Guide To Bing Ads Shopping Campaigns

    … April 19, 2017 With product ads continuing to see growth year-over-year, it’s vital that advertisers utilize Shopping campaigns now more than ever. Not only do they drive additional revenue but they boost a brand’s presence on the search results page. Last week, I had the privilege to speak on a webinar about Bing Shopping with Rachel Rogowin…

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  • Avoid These Common PPC Shopping Strategy Mistakes

    … and a Medium or Low priority setting for All Products. Then if the Top Sellers daily budget is depleted at 6 pm each day, the same products will show in search results from the All Products campaign. To set up priorities, go to Shopping settings (advanced) in your Shopping campaigns. Google will serve ads through the highest priority campaign…

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  • Reasons To Invest In Amazon Marketing Services

    … January 16, 2017 As we enter the new year and begin to analyze the 2016 holiday season, many of us are in a perplexed state as we read the headlines. Sales are up, stores are closing? According to Slice Intelligence, online sales grew by 20% as compared to 2015 and naturally Amazon dominated the ecommerce landscape. The headline from our…

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  • Your End Of Year PPC Checklist: What To Audit Before 2017

    …, these tasks may sound part of a typical routine, but in a lot of cases, because they seem so simple, they get missed more times than not when auditing or routinely checking into an account. Typically, we want to look at keywords, bids, ad copy messaging, and budgets regularly, but sometimes forget to do a regular or an annual audit of some…

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  • Seasonal Bidding Methods: Holidays Already?

    … – let’s steer away from the holiday season for a little bit and just think through seasonal bidding in general. How do most users go about implementing bid changes? They take the historical data (last 7 days, last 14 days, last month) and make adjustments based on that historical performance. Makes sense, right? Let’s dive into a model that works…

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  • The 3 Step Guide For Expanding Your Account Through DSA And Shopping Queries

    … August 30, 2016 Over the years, we’ve written many articles about the importance of Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) and Shopping ads as a means to find new keywords to implement in your Search Network text ad campaigns. Both DSA and Shopping campaigns act as ongoing keyword research tools as you look to expand your account. That’s great and all…

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  • What’s In A Name? Building Powerful Product Titles For Ecommerce

    … August 19, 2016 Over the years, CommerceHub has tested a variety of different product title alterations in hopes of finding the perfect title. Did we? Yes, and no. The fact of the matter is, it depends. There are numerous combinations of how a title can be structured and crafted based on the product and its attributes. What we’ve found…

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  • Ecommerce Secrets wtih Google, Bing, & Hanapin – New Webinar Panel!

    … August 15, 2016 Did you know that Q4 begins in only 46 days? For most ecommerce merchants, Q4 is the busiest and most profitable time of the year. Therefore, if you haven’t already begun planning for this time of year, you are already behind. Luckily, experts from Google, Bing, and Hanapin are here to help you get ready for the holiday season…

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  • Google’s Not Selling Your Products Like It Used To

    … August 9, 2016 With the ongoing changes to Google Shopping, optimizing your product feed is more important than ever. Over the last several months, Google has been testing an aggregated shopping format for individual products sold by multiple retailers. This format most commonly involves devices and appliances. For example, if you search…

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  • Google To Release New Shopping And Travel Features

    … July 14, 2016 Well, we have all survived another Amazon #PrimeDay! Whether or not you found a great deal on Tuesday, Google has ensured that no PPC-er left the event empty-handed. According to their official blog, several upcoming changes to Shopping and travel-related ads can be expected in the near future. A New Kind Of Shopping Experience…

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  • Google’s Inclusion Of Buy Button A Game Changer For Retailers

    … Last week news broke regarding Google’s plan to include buy buttons for mobile devices. These buttons would allow searchers to directly purchase a product from the search engine results page (SERP). This change is a significant departure, as users are no longer required to follow this process: Leave the SERP ——–> Go to the retailer’s…

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  • Don’t Forget The Basics! Audit Your Account – A New Case Study

    … on my own account, it was mainly because I spent too much time looking at it, and got bogged down with too many details. Recently I was approached with a ROAS problem for one of our ecommerce accounts. It was a fairly new client, and our first priority was to get ROAS up. Step 1: Goals, KPIs, and Other Need-To-Knows Goals are imperative to have…

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  • Your Ultimate Google Shopping Exam Checklist

    …. These allow for segmentation of your products once they reach the AdWords interface. This can range from “Holiday” labels to grouping your “Top Sellers,” both of which allow for further optimization and segmentation once in a Shopping Campaign. These questions surface time and time again, so be sure to take a moment when completely your exam…

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