• Insta-Famous, or the Anxiety of Influence

    … Remember The Devil Wears Prada? In the 2006 movie, an eager Anne Hathaway’s dream is to work for high-fashion magazine Runway—despite having to answer to its tyrannical editor. If the film were written today, it’d be very different. Print magazines long told readers what was hot, what they should buy and what they should wear. They were…

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  • Why Brand Loyalty Hinges on Social Media Engagement

    … customers use and enjoy your product, you further understand purchasing motivations and consumers see you as a real, customer-first business. EConsultancy discovered that 42 percent of businesses measure lifetime value of a customer. But what are you doing to improve it? You have to build loyal tribes who will go above and beyond for your brand…

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  • How to Use Offline Media to Drive Social Media Engagement

    … and—gasp–the walls of public spaces, that’s when you can really make an impression. Today it’s all about finding the best multichannel mix. Internet-driven companies like Uber use outdoor, print and broadcast media for visibility. Brick-and-mortar businesses are turning to online advertising to ensure their survival. Research by TVTY shows that 67…

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  • The Rise of People-Based Marketing and Advertising

    …. But it has some incredible advantages over typical targeting and segmentation processes. Signal and Econsultancy surveyed 358 senior North American brand marketers and agency media buyers to understand the impact and future of addressable media within their organizations. We discovered that advertisers are ready to increase their investments…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 19 readers -
  • Retargeting: Your Creepy Online Friend

    … or reset them. People often forget that advertisers are very much aligned with internet users in that we don’t want to serve ads that won’t be effective. So what makes an ad effective – from the consumer’s perspective? Christopher Ratcliff, deputy editor at Econsultancy, offers some perspective there: Ads should be for the individual…

    Mary C. Long/ Inside Facebookin Social Facebook Retargeting- 25 readers -
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