Editorial Independence

Editorial independence is the freedom of editors to make decisions without interference from the owners of a publication. Editorial independence is tested, for instance, if a newspaper runs articles that may be unpopular with its advertising clientele.
Posts about Editorial Independence
  • Do Content Marketers Need Editorial Independence?

    … of marketers are still unsure about: How does one protect the business side of the house while still giving the content side room to thrive? The answer: very carefully. Content needs independence If you want to produce good content marketing, it’s impossible to ignore and avoid editorial independence. The best content operations are agile, able to react…

    Sam Slaughter/ The Content Strategistin Content- 14 readers -
  • The 3 Traits of a Great Content Marketing Mindset

    What’s the secret ingredient to good content marketing? That’s the question everyone’s trying to figure out, and if you Google it, you’ll find a thousand different blog posts with varying answers. But when you talk to the most successful content marketers, three common strategies emerge. Content first, marketing second There’s a shared philosophy running through the brains of t ...

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategist- 33 readers -
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