Editorial Strategy And Planning

    • 7 Ways to Accelerate Your Content Review and Approval

      As a content marketer, you have so much of the planning and execution phases in your control. You drive forward, setting up tasks to be done and milestones to be hit, and then knocking them down one by one. You have a tangible feeling of accomplishment and momentum. Everything’s running on time. The finish line is in view.

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  • 5 Lessons Content Marketing Can Learn from Journalism

    … content marketing efforts don’t fail, they end. This happens for a variety of reasons, chief among them being that around the one-year mark and even in the face of steady growth, the company decides its marketing resources are better spent elsewhere. Consider this a plea to hang in, to realize that just as hiring an employee is a long-term…

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  • 6 Steps to Get Your Whole Company Involved in Content Marketing

    … to share Many employees are already on social media, and some regularly follow and engage in online conversations. By encouraging them to share the brand story and messages, you boost your social media presence and loyalty. Consider just a few of these stats and experiences. As SocialChorus co-founder and SVP of Strategy Nicole Alvino told…

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  • How to Create the Ultimate Branded Content Style Guide

    … I’m a sucker for first-person stories. When people share their personal experiences, especially in B2B content, they draw me in and I often read to the end, consuming their message while I’m at it. Often personal content humanizes a corporate brand and can pack a big impact — but only if that’s what the brand intends for me to feel. American…

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  • A Template to Simplify Your Editorial Reporting

    … strategy enables content marketing programs to be more effective. Imagine what a documented editorial reporting plan could do for your team. I’ll admit that I was as guilty as the next person who leads a content team. While I talk regularly with everyone on our CMI team, my formal updates on our content progress were hit or miss. Enter my new…

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  • The Content Marketing Book of Answers: Strategy & Planning

    … content to achieve the goals you’ve outlined. Include a summary of the specific goals, the value you expect your content to provide for your audience, and how your efforts will align with your company’s overarching marketing plan. Your personas: These composite sketches identify and characterize the audience segments to target with your content…

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  • What Should Your Content Marketing Priorities Be in 2016?

    … that you update them at least annually. She continues: “However, there are a few things that could trigger a refresh sooner, such as: Compliance or regulatory changes/updates that affect how your buyers would address them in relation to the solution you provide Industry shifts that affect your customers’ go-to-market strategy New roles…

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  • How to Fix the 4 Biggest Problems With Content Writers

    Over the 10-plus years that I’ve been writing, the content marketing industry has experienced massive change. At first, there were just a few of us plunking out a couple of blog articles a week. Back then, it was pretty easy to get a lot of traffic, comments, “likes,” and subscribers. Then, more and more people started jumping in.

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