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    • The Beginner’s Guide to Social Attribution

      If you’re an email marketer, you send an email, you drive action, you measure that action’s impact on the business, and then you figure out what you could do better and do it again. Social doesn’t work that way. You post to Facebook, your audience interacts with it, and you hope that your actions equate to lift for your business. Download Onlyrecently has social become closed-loop.

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    • Instagram Stories Are Officially a Success (And What It Means for Marketers)

      Yesterday, two months after introducing Instagram Stories, Instagram announced that it will now include Instagram Stories in the Explore feature. More than 100 million people visit Explore every day to discover photos and videos from people they don’t yet follow. The new suggested stories section highlights the most interesting stories from across Instagram’s vast global com ...

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    • How to Boost Your Social Media ROI with Influencer Marketing

      Brands flock to social media channels to build relationships with their audiences. In addition to offering massive reach, social media is a cost-effective marketing channel. What if you could further leverage this marketing channel and boost your ROI while getting ahead of your competitors? The Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI Download The best way to do that is ...

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  • The Benefits of Facebook’s Preferred Audience Tool

    … Back in January, Facebook announced a new tool, called Preferred Audience, to optimize and target organic posts to specific audiences. Unlike its predecessor, Interest Targeting —which did not show posts to profiles that did not meet the targeting criteria —Preferred Audience allows posts to appear anywhere on Facebook while prioritizing…

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  • The 5 Most Common Kinds of Dark Social Content

    … Dark Social refers to the sharing that we do through non-public channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Slack, or even text message and email. You may be ignoring these channels today, but that’s a mistake. This sharing is a crucial indicator of purchase intent, and a massive amount of the social activity you’re not getting credit…

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  • How Wayfair Made Instagram Its Strongest Social Channel

    … It is becoming increasingly obvious how important a role social media plays in e-commerce. According to recent research: 71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals 81% of consumers admit that recommendations and posts from family and friends directly impacted on their buying decisions 78% of people…

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  • What Is Social Attribution?

    … Social Attribution is the process of assigning credit for business outcomes to social marketing channels and campaigns. Why It Matters to Social, Digital, and Web Marketers How does social play a role in my consumer’s path to conversion? By implementing a social attribution solution, you will be able to answer this question with revenue numbers…

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  • Why Dark Social Data Matters to the Content Marketer

    Are you a social marketer, or a content marketer, or both? This question, no, debate, no, cage fight, has become a common one among marketers who create content and push it out into the universe, whether it is on social, on blogs, on websites, or all of the above. Some open questions which circle this debate include: Who is in charge of strategizing which content (visual, ...

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  • The 3 Most-Asked Questions at Our Social Attribution Webinar

    … We just wrapped up our Social Attribution: What It Is and Where to Begin webinar. The webinar covered the basic definitions around this topic, including various common attribution models and a conversation about how social attribution differs from other types of digital attribution. The webinar ended with a quick demo of our own solution…

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  • How Brands Are Using Instagram Stories to Impact the Buyer’s Journey

    … When you consider the ever-shrinking human attention span (from twelve seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds now), it isn’t a surprise that authentic, ephemeral content is resonating with social media audiences. The 2016 State of Social Marketing Download Snapchat pioneered this “in-the-moment” idea with branded content, and quickly…

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