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    • Digital Is Going Dark: Only Early Adopters Will Thrive in 2017

      “Imagine a world…” In creative fields, this is a branding exercise we regularly do with our clients, customers, and colleagues. Imagine a world where that problem didn’t exist… Imagine a world where you could do this thing… It may sound like the trailer for a bad action movie, but it can be a powerful exercise when developing a narrative. The opposite is also a powerful tool.

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    • Digital Marketing Predictions from the Experts: 2017 Edition

      We asked the smartest people we know, from business leaders to product specialists, social influencers to social media managers, how they think social marketing will evolve in 2017. We were blown away by the level of insight we received, from new ways to measure ROI to channel-specific tactics. Here are a few highlights from the Predictions Guide. Scroll down to download the whole shebang.

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  • A Few Fresh New Ways of Looking at Digital Marketing

    … I’m at the Argyle 2016 Leadership in Digital Marketing conference right now. This conference features speakers from Sallie Mae, Oracle, Dunkin’ Brands, State Street, Citizens Financial Group…the list goes on. Sophisticated digital marketers from a wide range of organizations are here to consume actionable content. I’m getting to see social…

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  • Social Isn’t Driving Dollars…So What’s Next?

    … Fear is a powerful motivator. Right now, fear is keeping many digital marketers from making the most out of social media. If you own a social program, you might cringe at this term. For one, you’ve heard empty promises about “solving social ROI” for years. Now the term means nothing. But maybe the other reason you cringed is that you’re…

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  • 5 Ways NASA Accomplishes Its Digital Marketing Mission

    … All of us at one point or the other have looked at the sky and wondered what lies beyond. The stars, the planets, and the galaxies have captured our imaginations by their sheer mystery and beauty. At the forefront of space exploration, NASA has been instrumental in leading research about space exploration and scientific discovery, and has done…

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  • How to Boost Your Search Rank with Better Social Signals

    You’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your search rankings. And you’ve tried everything from keyword optimization to link building. While these may be enough to amplify your rankings significantly, you can further boost your rankings by improving your social signals. 2017 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download This post is a thorough guide to social signal ...

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  • The Expansion of Instagram Stories, and What It Means for You

    … Taking another step towards increasing adoption of Instagram Stories among average users and brands alike, Instagram has expanded the abilities of this feature in recent days. Here’s what these expanded options mean for marketers. Linking Out This is a biggie. Talk about ROI: Instagram users can finally click on embedded links within your…

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  • Sell More This Holiday Season: A Note to eCommerce Marketers

    … You’ve spent weeks whiteboarding, drawing up the campaign that will make this holiday season the biggest online sales boom your company’s ever seen. You’ve got it all lined up – the creative is done, the ads are loaded, the social posts and emails are scheduled, the landing pages are ready to go live – it’s all set just right. And then, at just…

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  • What Is the Difference Between Dark Social and Dark Posts?

    … So…what is the difference between dark social and a dark post? In my work as a product specialist, I get this question all the time. The confusion is understandable due to the similar nomenclature, but never fear–I’m here to help! It’s really an apples to oranges comparison. While dark posts (also known as unpublished posts) are ad objects…

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  • How Many Dollars Did That Content Drive?

    … Your social and digital campaigns are generating engagement, but this engagement translates to dollars and cents. Up until now, however, your ability to make money and optimize campaigns for revenue has been limited by your definition. Her High-Level: The Total Campaign On the highest level, you want to know how much revenue your entire social…

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  • The Core Components of a Holiday Campaign for Digital Marketers

    … Since its conception, social media has been the black sheep of the social media family, marching to the beat of its own drum: unique, intriguing, a bit immature. This holiday season, with social attribution, we celebrate the end of that era, welcoming a new, more sophisticated, social marketer into digital’s home and hearth. Welcome home, social…

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  • Do You Speak the Language of Your CEO?

    … Attribution Education Kit Download As you enter the office, making your way across the lobby to the bank of elevators, you notice it’s just you and one other employee. Your CEO. The two of you enter the elevator and before you’ve even exchanged pleasantries, she asks “So what is social media doing for our business?” Since you’re a rock star social…

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  • “I Don’t Know What an API Is, and at This Point I’m Too Afraid to Ask”

    Working in an industry that is even remotely technical means acronyms. A lot of them. Most of us have an acronym assertion routine (AAR) that gets us by, and don’t even think twice about it. Hear it once on a podcast? Probably not important. Twice from a peer? Politely ask its meaning. Three times from a guru at a conference? Schedule a 3 hour Wikipedia self-study session this evening.

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  • For These Brands, UGC Only Drives 4% Higher Engagement on Instagram

    … With 500M monthly active users and 80M photos posted per day, Instagram has given brands an unprecedented opportunity to connect directly with their audience. In our previous Instagram studies, we have seen that marketers are experimenting with a range of tactics to grow their audiences on the platform and generate engagement to increase brand…

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  • What You Might Not Know About Your Earned Social

    … For brands, social media’s power doesn’t lie in your ability to broadcast messages on yet another channel. Owned campaigns are well and good and, yes, necessary, but social media’s greatest power is what it reveals about how average people see your brand, industry, and essential topic(s). Download When you have an ongoing understanding…

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