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    • What to Consider When Building Your Social Media Team

      When it comes to hiring for our social media division at Tank, I’m often asked how we go about finding someone trusted to be the public presence for our wide range of clients. These national and international brands all have their own rigorous recruitment processes – so it is only right that we reflect this by bringing the best people into our agency.

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    • Why Brand Voice Matters and How to Form It

      A distinct and unwavering brand voice is one of the core attributes of a strong online brand presence–but it is also the most vulnerable. At Hard Rock International, we fiercely manage and protect our brand voice. Why? The risk of not enforcing brand voice is scattered messaging, which confuses brand presence and can ultimately tarnish relevance and reputation.

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    • Your Next Growth Hack Won’t Come from You

      It’ll come from more and better questions. Success stories like Uber, AirBnB, Dropbox, and Spotify have all made finding the next, great “growth hack” something of a holy grail. The term is now standard fare far beyond the startup community where it was conceived. You can growth hack email subscriptions, growth hack PR, growth hack ecommerce, growth hack product development an ...

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  • How to Fill the Gaps in Your 2017 Social Marketing Plan

    At the end of 2016, you spent time summarizing your 2016 performance. Hours were spent identifying what went well and what missed the mark. You did this so that your social marketing plan for 2017 would be more effective, push the envelope, be easier to execute. How to Create a Monthly Social Media Report Download Now you’re executing. But you know what they say about best-laid plans.

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  • How to Get to Know Your Digital Neighborhood on Social

    … in thought. Social is your Secret Weapon Download Most of the conversations I overhear are pretty normal. Old friends catching-up, kids discussing homework, neighbors talking about their big plans for the backyard, you know, suburbia stuff. But every once in awhile, somebody says something that makes it hard to maintain my “deep in thought…

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  • 5 Foolproof Ways to Increase Your Conversions from Gated Content

    Have you been tasked with increasing conversions from your content? My guess is yes–probably from your demand generation team (people like me). Increasing conversions from content can greatly impact your sales funnel. A content conversion is when someone gives you their information in exchange for free content which they find valuable.

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  • Best Practices for Measuring Your Social Influencer Program

    … Influencers are an essential link between conversations and conversions, especially for brands in crowded, competitive spaces. They give your brand authentic appeal, help you connect to your target audience(s) more easily and robustly, widen your net of brand awareness, and ultimately help you drive more sales. 24 Ways to Test Your Instagram…

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  • Best UX Practices for Your Brand Account on Instagram

    … Creating and maintaining a brand on social is one of the best ways to develop a strong relationship with your target audience. Representing your company, ideas, and values on social helps potential customers identify whether or not you’re the company they want to work with, widens your reach, and enables brand discovery. Your owned social media…

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  • How to Do Social with a Purpose (Every Day)

    … it on your content calendar. You may even consider grouping posts with the same purpose when you do your performance analysis. It will teach you a lot about your audience and what types of posts yield the greatest output for different points in the funnel. Your brand awareness posts may end up driving a ton of purchases. If so, you just learned some…

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  • What You Can Learn from Dolce & Gabbana’s 5 Instagram Comment Types

    … Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform ever, has become an indispensable tool for brands trying to reach their target audiences, understand those audiences better, and foster trust and credibility. In this “pictures or it didn’t happen” age, Instagram has proven itself integral to forming brand visual identity –especially when…

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  • Instagram Influencer Best Practices from Under Armour

    … Launched in 1996, Under Armour is a fairly new brand in the sportswear market compared to titans Nike and Adidas, which are over half a century old. But that hasn’t stopped Under Armour from forging ahead with unique, innovative products and a strong marketing strategy, pushing both Nike and Adidas to step up their marketing games. 3 Quick…

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  • Social Metrics, Digital Metrics, Brand Metrics, and the Difference

    … Metrics like engagement, followers, and mentions are great awareness, or social, metrics. If your sole purpose as a social marketer is to drive greater awareness of your product and/or service, then these are the metrics you should primarily focus on. If social metrics are the ones you are focused on, you’re figuring out how to get more people…

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  • How Jordan’s Followers on Twitter Skyrocketed in Just 3 Weeks

    … Retweets. Source: Mashable Running such data analysis can help brands understand which kind of content resonates with their audience, what gets shared, what gets clicked on, and what drives conversions. 2. 61% of Follower Growth Happened Between Nov 20th – December 10th 2016 The growth in the number of followers during this time period are generated from…

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