• 5 Green Questions to Ask Your Rubbish Removal Company

      For many businesses, especially those in construction and manufacturing, rubbish removal and disposal is a significant part of their everyday activities. While you do need to consider cost, efficiency, and timeliness, it’s important to examine the recycling credentials of the company providing the service.

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  • 3 Ways Your Company Will Benefit from Cloud Computing Integration

    … up space on the company network and servers. Cloud storage also permits access to real-time information and software from any location in the world as long as the internet is available. With that said, we’ll now take a look at the benefits of integrating cloud computing into your current business model. You will be blown away by the possibilities…

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  • How to Get Your Customers to Pay Faster

    … Businesses are used to jumping through hoops for their clients. With their websites, for example, companies go to great lengths to turn their visitors into customers. Once they attract their customers, companies do a lot to maintain their engagement levels. Of course, this process is just a part of doing business, and a business that doesn’t go…

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  • Configuration Management: What It Means for Businesses

    … outages, and changes in configuration activities. Cost-Cutting When you optimize IT operations, you reduce the costs of software, services, and infrastructure. If you use it properly, CM effectively enhances the overall accuracy and efficiency of your system. Wrapping Up IT automation and configuration management go hand in hand. There’s an urgent need…

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  • 4 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

    … Clear and proper goal-setting is instrumental in business growth. Goals allow a company to identify realistic growth rates, clarify areas in need of improvement, and move toward continued success. Photo by rawpixel.com When it comes to goal setting, we often find the best advice by looking at what we shouldn’t do. Understanding what not to do can…

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  • From Ideation to Promotion: Simplifying Your Blogging Process

    … While blogging has proven to be a highly effective platform for promoting brands, sharing ideologies, promoting products and more, it should be understood that it is not as easy has many believe it to be. Even for the seasoned writer, blogging can be a challenge if they do not understand the entire process. Blogging is much more than coming up…

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  • Automated Systems: When It Pays to Put Those Eggs in One Basket

    … There are times when it makes sense to diversify and not put all of your eggs in one basket–when investing in the stock market, for example. But when it comes to workplace efficiency, it’s often worth letting automated systems manage multiple tasks using one convenient platform. Many entrepreneurs–small business owners especially–have…

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  • How Did Facebook Create and Deploy its Friends Day Videos?

    … and delivered through our shared infrastructure. We used the same production systems that are used to run many services on our site, which include compute tiers, storage tiers and the same network used internally and externally to serve Facebook. Instead of dedicating permanent capacity for Friends Day, we used an automated system that allowed us to keep…

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  • Building Efficiencies in Marketing with these 5 Marginal Gains

    … Published 1 min ago 45 The idea of marginal gains took the cycling world by storm in 2012. By embracing the idea of doing the small things right, and aiming to improve the efficiency of everything by 1%, Dave Brailsford, the Performance Director of British Cycling, had masterminded Britain’s first ever Tour de France victory…

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  • Why Email Automation Is a Marketers Must-Have Tool

    … You’ve heard it (many times) before: relationships are everything. And as ESPs develop more advanced features, it becomes easier for marketers to continuously cultivate existing customer relationships while also nurturing news ones—the staple of any business. At the core of that staple? Automation, which has emerged as one of email marketing’s…

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