• From Ideation to Promotion: Simplifying Your Blogging Process

    … While blogging has proven to be a highly effective platform for promoting brands, sharing ideologies, promoting products and more, it should be understood that it is not as easy has many believe it to be. Even for the seasoned writer, blogging can be a challenge if they do not understand the entire process. Blogging is much more than coming up…

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  • Automated Systems: When It Pays to Put Those Eggs in One Basket

    … There are times when it makes sense to diversify and not put all of your eggs in one basket–when investing in the stock market, for example. But when it comes to workplace efficiency, it’s often worth letting automated systems manage multiple tasks using one convenient platform. Many entrepreneurs–small business owners especially–have…

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  • Building Efficiencies in Marketing with these 5 Marginal Gains

    … list every morning, and they’re focused on getting that done as efficiently as possible. This is the case in most driven company. You have targets, and objectives, and you know how to do them, so you focus on getting them done, and you don’t have much time for introspection about what you’ve done and if it can be done in a simpler way. Data…

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  • Why Email Automation Is a Marketers Must-Have Tool

    … You’ve heard it (many times) before: relationships are everything. And as ESPs develop more advanced features, it becomes easier for marketers to continuously cultivate existing customer relationships while also nurturing news ones—the staple of any business. At the core of that staple? Automation, which has emerged as one of email marketing’s…

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  • 6 Steps to More Efficient Content Marketing Teams

    … to a problem with productivity that managers can’t trace. Fortunately, using innovative new tools now available, businesses can keep workers productive—even when they aren’t working in the same office. Here are six such ways to garner more efficient content marketing: 1. Be Strategic Before starting a new campaign, marketing teams should carefully…

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  • How to Make Your Workspace More Efficient and Organized

    … to do with improving efficiency. However, studies have actually shown that the mere presence of bright colors have an impact on the human health and psyche. Pink, for example, has been shown to produce a calming effect and repress angry emotions. As mentioned, don’t make the office so monotonous and formal. You and your colleagues likely face enough…

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  • Enjoy Your Time Off: PPC Productivity Tips

    December 23rd, 2014 Amy Bishop Posted in Agency Life | No Comments » ‘Tis the season to look for time savers! Whether you plan to spend the holidays with friends, family, or just relaxing – it’s easiest to take advantage of the time off if you first get organized and plan out areas where you can become more efficient.

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  • Is ‘Efficiency’ at Odds with Your Local Salesforce?

    …. Whereas fear may have motivated them to move towards labor cuts in the past, now they should feel the freedom to invest in long-term solutions. Help is on its way in the form of revenue-minded efficiency companies that have stepped up to fill the void. Andy Vogel is Chief Operating Officer at Colony Logic. Prior to Colony Logic, Andy was Senior…

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  • How Time Tracking Helped our SEO Team

    …, as well as appreciate the ones who go the extra mile. Great team players will appreciate the fact that their work is being seen – because they do great work. It’s only the players who have something to hide will not appreciate a tool such as Hubstaff. I shot Dave Nevogt (co-founder and CMO of Hubstaff) a message, thanking him of this awesome tool…

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