• The Top 5 Contextual Emails of the Season

    … Each season, we choose our most innovative client emails and showcase them in the Inkredible 5. The summer edition of Inkredible 5 features five standout brands: Steve Madden, eHarmony, The Madison Square Garden Company, Hotel Tonight and Express Scripts. Download the Inkredible 5, and you’ll see how they used device targeting, live polling, geo…

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  • eHarmony Launches a Match-Making Site for Jobs … Srsly

    …, in essence, Elevated Careers would argue it can help a company have happier employees who live happier lives and yada yada. My questions, which I pose to you and would love your feedback in the comments, are these: Can human psychology and relationships really be boiled down to a survey-driven algorithm? Being a tech-savvy audience, my guess is you’d…

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  • Valentine’s Day Email Win: The Weekend Dating Forcast

    … marketer ensure that the most important message (yours) gets noticed? Well, the folks at eHarmony know something about making connections — the proof is in the 600,000 marriages they say their site has facilitated. But it turns out they are as savvy about email marketing as they are about romantic compatibility, which is proven by the success…

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