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  • Why B2B Advertisers Need Facebook

    … on user’s job title, industry, education, age and location; so why not capitalize on the platform with larger scale and reach domestically and globally? No barrier to entry: Facebook gives advertisers large and small access to its entire suite of products and capabilities. With LinkedIn, higher-end products such as dynamic ads and account-based…

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  • Save Time and Effort With Facebook Saved Audiences

    … to use in future ad sets. How do you do this? It’s simple: You just hop over into Power Editor to the ad set level of a campaign and have an option in the audience section of the build out to choose custom audiences. Click on the option box, choose custom audience and it will be in there. With this tactic of building out saved audiences, you will save time and effort in all of your campaigns to come. Jackson Salzman is a paid social account analyst for digital performance agency Elite SEM. …

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  • 6 Facebook Advertising A/B Tests You Can Run Right Now

    … conversion This is fairly new to Facebook and worth testing. You will find this option in the ad set level optimizing for conversions like so: After some preliminary testing with a few clients, at Elite SEM, we have found that ROAS (return on ad spend) with a seven-day conversion window has been the better performing one so far, but it is definitely…

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  • Facebook vs. Instagram: Which Is a Better Fit for Your Marketing Efforts?

    …. Facebook is huge, but is it hip? There’s no denying Facebook’s mass appeal. The site boasts nearly 1.3 billion users who are active on a daily basis. That’s more than four times the number of people who use Instagram every day–a still impressive but comparably paltry 300 million. Your clients and prospects spend an awful lot of time on Facebook. So…

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  • 5 Facebook Bidding Tactics to Beat Your Competition

    … out with manual bidding? Your real competition–the small and midsized businesses that are making the mistake and still optimizing for conversions when the audience they are targeting is likely to convert anyway. That is who you will beat with this tactic. Implementing these five Facebook bidding tactics will allow you to run successful campaigns no matter what your end goal, audience or campaign. Jackson Salzman is a paid social account analyst for Elite SEM. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • 5 Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest Promoted Pins

    … If you’re hoping to optimize your Pinterest promoted pins, there are several strategies you can take to boost ROI and increase visibility. It’s not uncommon for businesses to make a few mistakes when they first start a promoted pins campaign, but these five methods will help you generate results. 1. Test Different Pin Sizes Start with the size…

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  • Can Snapchat Become an E-Commerce Platform?

    … at Elite SEM. She told SocialTimes that in April, app install ads will come to the Discover platform. These ads will be billed on a per-download basis — not on views or impressions. Lucey told SocialTimes that she feels this will be a huge win for retailers trying to capture the Millennial audience: This announced new approach to billing…

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