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  • PaveAI: Someone Finally Found Answers in Google Analytics!

    … radio station’s calling code. Every time there was a contest on the radio, their traffic spiked. We removed the page and requested it be removed from search engines – but not before it wreaked havoc on the marketing team there who couldn’t find it. So how do you filter and segment your analytics data down to a usable, statistically valid segment…

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  • How To Use Email Analytics To Increase Conversions

    … with it to create the necessary change? Email Analytics By implementing an email analytics software into your system you’re able to find out exactly what happens to your emails when they reach your users’ inboxes. This includes if they’re opened or not, what time of day each user is more likely to take action on them, and what day of the week is the best time…

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  • Your Ultimate and Complete Email Send Checklist!

    … push notification that your business gets to shove in the face of your subscriber. Email inboxes are packed and everyone is looking for an excuse to ease the load and unsubscribe. It doesn’t take much to get blocked, get thrown in a SPAM folder, get deleted before even getting opened, getting unsubscribed – or the worst – being reported as SPAM…

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  • FrontApp: The Shared Inbox Desktop App for Sales

    It was just a few minutes ago that we got a general request in from a client off of our shared email address. We have some groups setup in Google Apps on reporting, information, etc. so that we make sure we don’t drop the ball. (Or… I should say I don’t drop the ball). However, that causes other issues. Two of us are online, see the email, and respond at the same time. Confusion ensues.

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