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  • 3 Ways to Develop an Engaging Voice in Your Content

    … to breaking out, they are told, is using a unique voice. Again, it’s advice worth listening to. “A consistent brand voice and vocabulary is essential to implementing localized content and intelligent content strategies effectively,” writes Erika Heald of the Content Marketing Institute. “If you’re not careful, you can end up with a random…

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  • 6 Ways to Get Your Subject Line Noticed

    … emails to reach their target audience. With a high level of inbox competition, marketers need to know how to get their emails noticed by customers they can move onto an email database they can nurture. This is where the importance of email subject lines come in. While the subject line is often left until the last minute and doesn’t have a lot…

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  • 9 Ways to Make Your Email Copy Conversational

    … your personality “If you only discuss your topic of expertise, you show yourself as a one-dimensional expert,” writes Copyblogger. “It’s kind of boring. Think about how you can inject your personality into your blog posts, emails, or sales copy.” Among their suggestions for doing that: • Share the mistakes you’ve made so your readers can learn…

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  • Proofreading: Your 14-Point Email Copy Checklist

    … Raise your hand if you enjoy proofreading. Anyone? Yeah, proofreading isn’t much fun; however, doing it carefully is critical to finalizing accurate and effective email marketing copy. Below are 14 useful tips to help you find those typos before you hit “send.” 1. Shift into reverse “Catching errors can be challenging if you’ve read…

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  • A Guide to Creating a Compelling Email Message #Infographic

    … your messages before you send them. Check the copy for typos and make sure that the template looks great in different email clients. Use multiple devices to see if your message looks great on different platforms. Now, enjoy our infographic and let it serve as a reminder and summary of what you need to remember in your email marketing. Share with us…

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  • Why PreHeader Text Is the Most Neglected Part of An Email

    … your subject line in the preheader. The copy of your preheader should start with a call to action. Then include a short summary of what your email is about, followed by a link to the landing page. If you still want to include the “View this email in a browser” link, add it to the very end of the preheader text. All these preheaders start with a call…

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  • 7 Irresistible Content Topics Your Audience Will Love

    Is your audience in love with your content? Or do they read it only when there’s nothing more pressing to do. If your readers aren’t hooked on your content, you may be setting the bar too low. On today’s content-saturated Web, people ignore average content. They need more from you. They need your best. They need content that grabs them by the throat.

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