Email Engagement

    • How to Create, Sustain and Measure Your Email Marketing Engagement

      Becoming engaged – as in the “will you marry me?” meaning of the word – is of course an extremely memorable event. No bride or groom will ever forget that magical moment (or moments (some folks do get to experience it more than once). This type of engagement is the stuff of countless tear-jerking movie scenes and applause-inducing, bended-knee proposals in candlelit restaurants.

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  • How Email Engagement Compares to Social Engagement

    As soon as I see versus used in the title of an article in marketing, I get a little bit queasy. This infographic below from Devesh Design does a great job of putting into perspective the need for customers to utilize email for their company. I have no doubt as to the power of email and it’s ability as a push marketing technology to motivate subscribers to take action.

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  • 7 Content Marketing Metrics You’re Probably Undervaluing

    Content Marketing, Owned Media There seems to be a disconnect between what content marketers want to achieve and what they actually measure. In a survey of B2B and B2C marketers this spring, we found that their most common goal (73 percent) is brand awareness. The metrics these marketers gather, however, tell a different story.

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  • Email Win-Back Programs: Do They Work?

    … read rates of 13%. Offer: The key to getting a win-back campaign opened has more to do with the offer. We looked at offers that promised a dollar-off versus a percentage-off a next purchase. A dollar-off discount consistently performed 2x better than a percentage discount. Takeaway: Promotions in dollar terms performed the best. Test emotionally…

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