Email Marketing Best Practices

  • Mastering the Email Marketing Campaign

    … is critical in an email marketing campaign. The best way of being certain that you are specific enough is by asking yourself if it’s possible that your words could mean something else. If they are, then your headline is probably too vague. One of the best ways of creating a captivating headline or subject line is by asking yourself the question…

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  • Email and Ezine Marketing Solutions

    … Marketing solutions to make the best out of email and ezine marketing for businesses. Email marketing comes in various shapes and forms, the following are going to be just two of those formats which one can use to increase their business. So without any further ado, let’s just get right into these marketing solutions. Opt-In “Series” Email…

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  • Ezine Marketing … Anyone?

    The best tips on how you can use Ezine articles and make the most of it More often than not the word Ezine comes about by marketers and business owners alike. The following are a few tips on how you can use Ezine articles to your benefit as part of your online marketing campaign. Consistency Counts Marketing an online newsletter is the only way you will let your future subscr ...

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  • The Skinny on Email Marketing

    … why most online marketers claim that email newsletter network advertising is the best way to move ones business forward. Bottom Line Online marketing and especially email marketing is not each and requires both time and patience. But sticking to the options mentioned above when it comes to using email marketing for your campaign will enable you to succeed in the online business world. The post The Skinny on Email Marketing appeared first on Optyn - Email Marketing Blog. …

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  • How to Start an Opt-in E-mail Campaign

    …? Just like in any interactive marketing campaign, the content of opt-in emails is extremely important to attract the reader and convince them to buy your product of service. In opt-in emails, the subject line needs to be both information and succinct and the text itself should be concise. Customer references should also be used to drive the rest…

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