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    • Upgrade your email blasts with four simple tactics

      Email blasts are a time-honored tradition in email marketing where a business sends one email to thousands of people simultaneously, often unsolicited. It’s an effective means of getting attention, but it’s not the type of attention brands should want. Like a man on a soapbox screaming into a megaphone, the email blasts annoy rather than inform and cause their recipients to a ...

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    • Forging customer connections in a privacy-obsessed world

      The digital disruption that has revolutionized the way people communicate and do business has changed its course in recent years. Where consumers had become accustomed to sharing their personal information in exchange for benefits and services from businesses, many are now feeling a growing concern for the privacy and security of this information and are less willing to share.

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  • Using email to curate one-to-one relationships with customers

    …-to-one conversations with customers, yet still struggle to personalize their communications to foster strong and enduring customer relationships. Fostering meaningful customer relationships through personalization Email marketing is one of the most effective media to develop meaningful, one-to-one relationships with customers. Personalization is more…

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  • Reducing chaos and stress in email marketing

    … that a channel like direct mail does, especially in the retail industry. Working in and around email can get chaotic and stressful. Some people thrive on the excitement of the pace, while others find it difficult to navigate. Here are recommendations for reducing the chaos in email. Spend more time planning Let’s start with the obvious. Real…

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  • How to grow your email marketing list without resorting to shortcuts

    … Increasing the number of contacts in an email list is a near-universal goal for email marketers. However, many marketers make the mistake of buying lists as a shortcut to the end goal of reaching their quota or in the hopes of increasing their reach and engagement. It may seem like more email addresses will result in more leads, but purchasing…

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  • 12 email marketing fundamentals to master

    … One of the fundamental premises of marketing automation is email engagement. And as modern marketers, we are under serious pressure for our emails to perform — they must drive engagement, conversions, and most importantly, revenue. But with the sophistication of the various tools at our fingertips and an overcrowded work desk, it’s easy…

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  • Personalization in a post-brick-and-mortar world

    … and how often. Recipients love to be in the driver’s seat, so allow them to make the decision on receiving messages, and they will be more likely to engage with the content. Additionally, try implementing birthday emails into your marketing strategy. Birthday emails that offer special deals are one the best ways to send personalized messages…

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  • Email shines even brighter with Gmail and Google Wallet

    … Google’s announcement last month that it is integrating Google Wallet into Gmail for Android users is big news, not just for the millions of Gmail users who can now send money right from their email, but also for the email industry itself. In fact, it’s one of the biggest endorsement to date in email’s role as a highly valued and essential…

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  • 3 brands that do email marketing right

    …, eBay and REI (disclosure: Uber and eBay are clients). Here’s how these three retailers provide a good case study in effective email marketing. Uber A portion of Uber’s email traffic is transactional in nature; their emails serve to close the loop on a ride. You step out of an Uber, and within seconds, you receive an email notification informing…

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  • Make me an offer: Rating the effectiveness of common email offers

    … Offers and promotions are the bread and butter of email marketing. Give subscribers a reason — any reason — to act, and it’s all but inevitable that your campaign will become an occasion for brand glory and killer business outcomes, right? We all know it’s not that simple. At Yes Lifecycle Marketing, my employer, our latest research shows…

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  • 6 tips to get subscribers to open marketing emails

    … While there are several email metrics you should track, a vital way to gauge the health of your email program is to monitor your email open rates. If your emails are being met with radio silence, it’s safe to say recipients aren’t taking any next steps. With recipients’ inboxes becoming increasingly inundated with marketing emails, this should…

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