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    • Gmail finally supports responsive design: Answers to 4 burning questions

      Gmail started rolling out support for CSS media queries across its email clients around midnight last night, following through on the September 14 announcement that it would support responsive design later in the month. With these media queries, email designers will be able to specify different display styles based on things like width, screen resolution and rotation.

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    • How to find the email personalization sweet spot

      Personalizing messages through targeted email marketing creates value in customer communications, but sometimes brands can get too personal. Finding the right balance when sending personalized messages to recipients can be tricky. But understanding purchase behavior, knowing when to withhold information and looking beyond opens and clicks will help marketers find that sweet spot.

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  • The genius of easy-click emails

    … is an email marketing device that drives conversions by simplifying the user response. Instead of overwhelming users with copy and a complex menu of options, easy-click emails plainly and clearly present a single question and two or three visual responses. Easy-click emails make it convenient for users to respond on mobile (which is becoming…

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  • Email marketing in the age of social media

    Social media has firmly cemented its place as a vital marketing tool and has evolved to be much more than just a platform for posting photos and sharing life updates. At the same time, email marketing has grown more important to marketers and has the highest return on investment of any channel. Both email marketing and social media have their strengths and benefits, and mark ...

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  • 5 email marketing sound bites (and the deeper meaning behind them)

    … Mail depending on whether you’re using Internet Explorer or Firefox. This email marketing reality can be a tough one for brand managers and graphic artists to swallow, especially if they’ve done a lot of work in print and other traditional media. Rather than striving for an identical experience, try to create a consistent experience — or, even…

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  • 5 steps to optimize the back end of your sales funnel

    … Do you ever feel as if you’re doing everything to boost your email engagement, but your prospects just aren’t buying? Optimizing your inbound marketing regimen for lead generation is no easy task for marketers. Doing so requires creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience, then taking the initiative to promote your…

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  • Is your email a casualty of the war on spam?

    In the world of email marketing, deliverability is a core issue. It’s commonly known that when you send an email, it doesn’t always reach the intended recipient. Between the sender and the recipient are intermediaries, namely the internet service providers (ISPs) and email service providers (ESPs), which use a mix of internal algorithms and outside filtering technologies tha ...

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  • 7 steps for re-engaging your email subscribers

    As the internet and technology have progressed over the years, marketers have realized that the old-school approach of email still generates some of the best bang for the buck. While email is a top generator of marketing dollars, far too many people take a simplistic approach and don’t use it to its full potential.

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  • Email marketing is more than just hitting the send button

    Email marketing continues to reign supreme atop the return-on-investment charts, beating out SEO, content marketing and paid search. When it comes to dollar-for-dollar investments, no other marketing channel beats email. Still, brands can’t expect to hash out lackluster email campaigns, hit the send button, and then just wait for the money to roll in.

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  • Why the best email marketing happens when you don’t hit “send”

    When done right, an automated email is like a breath of fresh air in the inbox. It’s relevant, personalized and timely — everything your subscribers want when they sign up for your email list. And for marketers, it’s a beautiful thing: They can save time, deliver a great inbox experience and drive top-notch results without ever hitting “send.

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  • What Pokémon Go can teach us about email marketing

    … personalize email copy, and only one-third use customer data to personalize the products and services featured in an email. So how can marketers personalize their emails while delivering an engaging brand experience to people’s smartphones? The answer is AR. It is the email marketing trifecta: mobile, personalized and engaging. How marketers can use…

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  • How to make your email marketing engaging to millennials

    … Millennials spend about six hours a day checking email, according to Adobe. Marketers have the opportunity to capitalize on the amount of time millennials spend reading their emails and maximize their email marketing efforts. But how? To make an impact among millennials, marketers need to break the mold, focus their attention and put…

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  • The growing appeal of responsive-aware email design

    … appropriate for every brand. For many brands, responsive-aware will be responsive enough to meet their needs and the needs of their subscribers. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Chad White is the author of Email Marketing…

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  • The fundamentals of the first email

    … Email autoresponders are one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal; you can literally write these messages once and put them to work for your business, day and night. Just like any aspect of marketing, there are some limitations to conventional autoresponders. If you don’t tailor your emails to address these limitations, your…

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  • Marketing PSA: Cold lead generation is spam

    … and irrelevant, others are annoying, and still others are just sad. (If you want me to send you samples, I have hundreds.) And as these cold emails proliferate, I’ve yet to see blowback from the marketing and sales cognoscenti. Believe me, I’ve tried to foment a little bit of feedback on this tactic to no avail. I can no longer stand idly…

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  • 3 ways phishing destroys marketing ROI

    … Marketers rely on key performance indicators (KPIs) to prove their value to the business. And email is a key driver of those metrics, generating more leads, conversions and revenue than any other distribution channel. Unfortunately, the most valuable marketing channel is also the least secure. In the first quarter of 2016, the Anti-Phishing…

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  • 5 ways to send the most relevant emails to your recipients

    … to relevancy. Enable specific opt-outs Often, users are interested in only receiving mail of a specific type, like daily or weekly deals, newsletters or certain notifications, not all of the marketing email from your brand. Cater to this by creating a link to the preference page within your email for users to easily opt out of and into the emails…

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