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  • How To Create A Product Announcement Using Optyn

    …. And, use a professional looking, CAN/SPAM compliant, mobile responsive email to deliver the message. Using Optyn for your email needs takes care of all of these. They even have tools that can help you with creating a new product announcement as demonstrated in the attached video. The post How To Create A Product Announcement Using Optyn appeared first on Optyn - Email Marketing Blog. …

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  • How To Create A General Announcement With Optyn

    You never want to over communicate with your customers. If you do, your customer will have three options – ignore your email, unsubscribe or report you as a spammer. None of those can be considered a good thing. But how do you know how often to send an email? There is no hard and fast rule, but the best advice we can offer is that before you hit the send button ask yourself if ...

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  • How To Add One or More Subscribers Manually in Optyn

    …. Give visitors to your website the ability to enter their email address on line. Conduct a survey or contest through social media and make submitting an email address part of the entrance requirement. Once you start capturing email addresses, be sure to upload them to your email marketing platform. Optyn allows you to upload emails…

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  • How To Import a Subscriber Email List In Optyn

    … or any information that will get consumers to buy and/or keep you “top-of-mind” with them. It also helps if you use an email marketing provider like Optyn to create and send emails. One of the advantages of Optyn is that you can quickly and easily create beautifully designed, CAN/SPAM compliant emails that are 100% mobile responsive. Optyn also…

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  • Three Great Ways to Capturing Customer Email Addresses

    … called Optyn that can help with this process we all go through. Even if we know what we are signing up for we would like to easily opt out of it like we opted in. With Optyn you can keep track of everything you are subscribed to and if you choose that you are no longer interested in a subscription, they make it easy to opt out. It is an excellent…

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