Email Marketing Strategy

  • Has email marketing engagement arrived with open reach?

    … How engaged are your customers with your brand? This seemingly simple question has puzzled email marketers for some time. Most marketers have customer engagement listed as one of their top priorities. Engagement might even be the core of their email marketing strategy. But at the same time there is never been a clear definition of what email…

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  • How to lift email marketing conversion step-by-step

    … message takes some extra work on the marketer’s side, but it is worth it, for the result is a more effective email. Steps through an effective email marketing message Now what main elements does an effective email consist of? Think of it as is a stairway with logical (although often subconsciously taken) steps. Of course there is more to the anatomy…

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  • Split A/B Testing: How to Improve Your Email Newsletters

    … for Newsletter A/B Split Testing involves splitting a small, randomly selected subset of your mailing list subscribers into two groups. Then, each of these groups receives an email that is nearly identical, except for a small tweak that you are testing. For example, you might test different subject lines or calls-to-action in order to see how…

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