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  • Has email marketing engagement arrived with open reach?

    … How engaged are your customers with your brand? This seemingly simple question has puzzled email marketers for some time. Most marketers have customer engagement listed as one of their top priorities. Engagement might even be the core of their email marketing strategy. But at the same time there is never been a clear definition of what email…

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  • How to lift email marketing conversion step-by-step

    … message takes some extra work on the marketer’s side, but it is worth it, for the result is a more effective email. Steps through an effective email marketing message Now what main elements does an effective email consist of? Think of it as is a stairway with logical (although often subconsciously taken) steps. Of course there is more to the anatomy…

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  • Split A/B Testing: How to Improve Your Email Newsletters

    …. By isolating your adjustments, you can learn which varying factors are helping to improve your campaigns, and which changes are hurting them. A/B Split Testing for Email The best approach for this experimental improvement is commonly referred to as A/B Split Testing: a function available within most email marketing services. The actual process…

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  • Email Marketing: How To Build an Effective Content Strategy

    When your audience signs up to receive your emails, they expect to be rewarded for it. They expect you to add value to their inbox, not to clutter it. So, the challenge of email marketing is to prove you deserve the space you take up in their inbox. That being said, with email marketing, you already know your audience is relatively interested.

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  • 10 Simple Tips to Grow Your Email List by 400%

    … the value of email marketing. They don’t know how to integrate email marketing into their programs and business. They don’t know how to grow an email list and write off email marketing all together. Did you know that 88% of B2B marketers cite email marketing as their most effective lead generation tactic? If you are not using email marketing…

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  • How to Stand Out in Crowded Inboxes

    …. To see an increase in engagement, personalize emails, tell interesting stories, leave clear calls to action, use images, and keep the design consistent. Also, try to introduce some exclusivity into your email marketing strategy. Inboxes will continue to be crowded, but there are ways for you to get the clicks you need for steady growth. Which brands send the best emails? Let us know by tweeting @Contently. …

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  • A new way to Benchmark your email marketing

    … get his first touch until weeks later. I was shocked. Failure to follow up after showing interest against all laws of marketing (if there were any) and has no place in the mind-set of a direct marketer. What would your ideal tease and intensity be? I have seen brands being seduced to take a route in their email marketing strategy that made them end up in a different quadrant than they would like to be. A new way to Benchmark your email marketing …

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  • Email marketing strategy: New and improved

    Ever wonder why toothpaste is always “new and improved”? You would think that after 20 years they would have run out of room for improvement. But in the case of toothpaste, it isn’t product innovation. For the biggest part it’s marketing. Consumers like “new”, they like to try new things, it’s hard-wired into our brains.

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