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  • Brands With The Best Email Marketing Campaigns: Summer 2016

    It’s no secret we appreciate a strong email marketing campaign, we also happen to be big fans of summer, so it only made sense to combine our love for the two and present what we think are the best email marketing campaigns of summer far. In a day and age where people recall their email address easier than their physical home address, it’s vital that the content you’ ...

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  • The future of email marketing 2016 edition

    What does the future of email marketing hold? These are the changes, trends, and constant factors the industry thinkers have laid out for us. Summarized for your reading pleasure. Let’s take gaze into the future of email marketing; always a good excuse to take note of what’s happening right now, and what’s coming up.

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  • DMA National Client Email Report 2015

    … DMA National Client Email Report 2015 Email marketing has always been one of the core digital marketing techniques in the marketing-mix. I was honered to author this year’s National Client Email Report for the DMA UK and Email Hub. The report is based on a survey of client-side Marketing Professionals on the use and results of the email…

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  • The Ultimate Marketing Automation statistics overview

    Marketing Automation offers new possibilities to Marketers. Marketing Automation is growing at an increasing rate as Marketing and technology more and more often go hand in hand. Looking for insight into the current state of Marketing Automation, the market and statistics on adoption and use, I compiled a list of all (useful) available statistics.

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  • The future of Email Marketing 2014 – All email marketing Trends

    In the quickly-evolving world a lot has changed in the way brands and consumers communicate. Email marketing is known to be a trusted and versatile marketing channel. What will 2014 hold for marketers that use the email channel? We can already spot the trends that hold the key to the future of email marketing.

    Jordie Van Rijn/ Emailmonday- 10 readers -
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