Email Opt-In

  • The Pros and Cons of a Double Opt-In Email Campaign

    … Customers don’t have the patience to sort through cluttered inboxes. They’re inundated with marketing messages on a daily basis, much of which they never signed up for in the first place. According to the International Telecommunication Union, 80 percent of global e-mail traffic can be classified as spam. Additionally, the average email open…

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  • The 5 Basic Steps of Starting to Build Your Email List

    … One of the easiest means of ensuring that your email deliverability remains in good standing – meaning your email makes it to the inbox, not the junk folder, is by having a safe and obvious methodology for collecting email addresses. Anything outside of an opt-in form that obviously communicates the offering and sets expectations…

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  • How to Waste Your Content Marketing Efforts

    … back. If the visitors stay, see, and vamoose again, never to return, your efforts are being wasted. Which is why Jay here at Convince & Convert, and every other leading content driven blogger, focuses so much energy on the one of the most mundane elements of the web site: The email list. Turning a visitor into an email subscriber is the best way…

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