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  • An Interview with Kraig Swensrud, CMO of Campaign Monitor

    … Kraig Swensrud is an entrepreneur, product and marketing executive with a track record of success in leading high growth internet software companies. That history included the founding of GetFeedback and Kraig was the CMO of Salesforce. Kraig is now the Chief Marketing Officer of Campaign Monitor, a global leader in email marketing…

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  • 17 Platforms That Will Make You a Better a Marketer

    … no idea how to use it properly.” Email Service Provider (ESP) MailChimp In a side-by-side comparison of ESP features, MailChimp’s biggest advantage jumps right off the page: $0. For small businesses with fewer than 2,000 subscribers, that’s hard to beat. However, should your company need to send more than 12,000 emails per month, increase its…

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  • How to Choose an Email Service Provider

    …, ISPs have shut down those offices and turned to algorithms to monitor sender reputation, analyze content, block or accept email, and route it into SPAM folders or the inbox. Keep in mind that getting delivered does NOT mean getting in the inbox! 100% of your emails could be going to the Junk Folder, and that equates to 100% deliverability. Whether…

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  • BlackBox: Risk Management for ESPs Fighting Spammers

    …. Spamming a list isn’t about creating a relationship! The problem with this is that email service providers have a reputation with the internet service providers (ISPs). If the ISPs see a large complaint ration coming from one of the email servers, they’ll block all the email coming from that server! That means that every client that has email…

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  • 5 Tips For The Email Deliverability-Obsessed

    …. For Large Sends, Try IP Bonding Again, if you are working with an email service provider that provides multiple dedicated IPs, you may want to try IP bonding for large sends, since ISPs limit the number of connections each IP can make. Therefore, IP bonding, which is the practice of using multiple IPs for a send, can diversify the reputation…

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