Email Signature Marketing

  • Email Signature Marketing: the Newest List Growth Tactic

    … is no silver bullet when it comes to email list growth. It takes time, patience and lots of testing, but a savvy marketer leverages as many tactics as possible to grow the organization’s email list. The email signature is the latest, and potentially one of the greatest, such tactics. Bonus: it can also be used for sales and customer support. Interested in growing your own email list through the power of email signature marketing? Get started today with your free trial. 29 …

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  • 3 Ways to Use Email Signatures for Content Promotion

    … and top of mind to the organization. As a marketer, it’s a profound opportunity to be able to promote a brand or demand generation message in each of the thousands of emails that are sent out each day – and update them in real time, in a moment’s notice. Use email signatures to promote marketing materials such as: Thought leadership (reports, ebook…

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