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    • Email Spotlight: Blue Mercury

      When your customers are spread out all over the country, creating a relevant experience for every single person can be a huge challenge. Bluemercury wanted to promote in-store events to their customers nationwide, but there was one problem – well, make that dozens of problems. The challenge They have retail stores across the country, each with different events to promote.

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    • Email Spotlight: America’s Test Kitchen

      If you’re a marketer with customers in multiple geographic regions, you know all too well the challenge of sending each person relevant, regional content. It seems like there are just two choices: send generic, one-size-fits-all content, or create countless variations of the same email. Needless to say, neither provides a great customer experience.

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  • Email Spotlight: Origins

    … experience. That’s why they added a live poll asking people which products they couldn’t live without. Origins customers are passionate about skincare, so the live poll was the perfect addition to their email campaign. Here’s what the campaign looked like: Here’s a closer look at the live poll: The results They succeeded in making their promotional…

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  • Email Spotlight: Movember

    … Last year, Movember Foundation used personalization in their emails to drive incredible engagement among their participants, and saw 30% higher donation values as a result. This year, they wanted to set the bar even higher. The challenge Their goal was to drive high-value participants to beat their best year of fundraising and re-engage first-time…

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  • Email Spotlight: Gaia

    … According to Experian, emails with personalization yield 6x higher transactional rates. That number shouldn’t surprise any of us. As marketers, we know how powerful personalization can be – that’s why nearly 70% of marketers are striving to do more of it. The challenge Gaia, a conscious media platform streaming more than 8,000 videos, knew…

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  • Email Spotlight: DramaFever

    When you’re unveiling a new product, piece of content, or just a killer sale, you want your customers to get excited about it. One of the best ways to do that is to surprise and delight them with email. But so many customers tune out promotional messages these days – they think they’ve seen it all! That’s why it’s so important to test new email engagement tactics to see what sticks.

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  • Email Spotlight: Puma

    … local PUMA Outlet store. The challenge PUMA wanted to drive foot traffic (no pun intended) to their stores by making it easy for customers to find their local PUMA Outlet, along with the store’s hours. The challenge? Every store has different hours, so the email would need to deliver personalized information based on each customer’s location…

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  • Email Spotlight: Pinnacle

    … Live polling is one of the best ways to drive engagement and gather intel on your customers. Pair your live poll with a hot and timely topic, and you’ve got a recipe for a killer campaign. That’s exactly how Pinnacle, an online gaming website, engaged their subscribers. They routinely feature live betting odds in their email campaigns…

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  • Email Spotlight: Hotwire

    … Live pricing in emails – especially when it comes to travel – is the best way to deliver accurate, up-to-the-second information about limited-time deals. In fact, in a study with one of our largest global OTA partners, Movable Ink found that real-time pricing improved conversions 50% over emails that contained static pricing. No surprise there…

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  • Email Spotlight: Wotif

    … Humans are naturally visual creatures. That’s probably why content with images is super successful – it can boost engagement up to 650%! Add personalization – which can get 2.5 times higher click-through rates and six times higher sales – and you’ve got a powerhouse campaign. That’s why image personalization is such a successful email marketing…

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  • Email Spotlight: Spotify’s Data-Driven Year-in-Review Campaign

    … Personalized, year-end wrap-up emails are perfect for thanking your customers for their loyalty and showcasing any data you have in a creative way. Spotify wanted to do something extra special for their artists and creators in their year-in-review email campaign. Using personalized statistic data, including number of listeners and total time…

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  • How Pet Supplies Plus Boosted Open Rates with Video + Email

    … embedded videos in email at all. It’s a common roadblock among marketers. So when pet supplies retailer Pet Supplies Plus wanted to boost engagement with video in their emails, they needed a way to display video in a way that all of their subscribers would enjoy. Their solution? An animated GIF. A GIF is a moving image that plays well across email…

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  • Email Spotlight: New York Liberty

    … a cue from the Detroit Pistons, WNBA team New York Liberty created a live game report email that was sent out the day of the game, then updated with the live score each time the email was opened. The email also featured live player stats throughout the game. A web crop to the team’s merchandise webpage was also included, so fans could click through and purchase gear without having to open a new browser. For more inspiration on how to use live data in emails for retail, travel and more, download our Live Data in Email LookBook. …

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  • Email Spotlight: The Detroit Pistons

    … For many brands, email is still used a static means of communication. For those in the sports marketing, this creates a unique challenge. The content fans want access to ages moment by moment. Ticket sales and game scores are hot news one minute and irrelevant the next. This rules email marketing out for those without a dynamic, contextual…

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