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    • Email Spotlight: Scholastic

      Transactional emails are among the most successful types of emails for driving engagement. They’re opened and clicked twice as much as other emails, they see six times more revenue, and they have seven times the conversion rates. Shopping cart abandonment emails might just be the most successful type of transactional email.

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  • Email Spotlight: Spotify’s Data-Driven Year-in-Review Campaign

    … spent streaming, Spotify delivered a highly-personalized campaign. Here’s what it looked like. The email included personalized images based on all available artist data and included 27 language variations. The result? Hyper-personalization = shareworthy email content. The social buzz is huge; with many artists sharing their personalized email…

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  • How Pet Supplies Plus Boosted Open Rates with Video + Email

    … When you add visual content to your email campaign, you have the potential to boost engagement and get your content shared a lot more frequently. Add video to your emails, and it’s possible to lift click-through-rates 200-300%. The problem? Adding video to email is no small task, especially when many email service providers won’t display…

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  • Email Spotlight: New York Liberty

    … a cue from the Detroit Pistons, WNBA team New York Liberty created a live game report email that was sent out the day of the game, then updated with the live score each time the email was opened. The email also featured live player stats throughout the game. A web crop to the team’s merchandise webpage was also included, so fans could click through and purchase gear without having to open a new browser. For more inspiration on how to use live data in emails for retail, travel and more, download our Live Data in Email LookBook. …

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  • Email Spotlight: The Detroit Pistons

    … For many brands, email is still used a static means of communication. For those in the sports marketing, this creates a unique challenge. The content fans want access to ages moment by moment. Ticket sales and game scores are hot news one minute and irrelevant the next. This rules email marketing out for those without a dynamic, contextual…

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  • Email Spotlight: Lexus

    … An old adage, which Mark Twain may have coined (its origins are debatable), goes “everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Well, some savvy email marketers are doing something about it; specifically, they’re increasing engagement by using contextual messaging that reflect weather conditions at the time and location…

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  • Email Spotlight: Finish Line

    … increase Congratulations to Finish Line and all the winners of the 2016 eTail Best-In-Class Awards for their innovative campaigns and excellence in e-commerce! Finish Line and its fellow winners are featured on the eTail website here. This entry was posted in Email Spotlight and tagged contextual emails, geotargeting on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 by Amy Mullen.…

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