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  • 3 Ways Automation Can Humanize Your Email Marketing Strategy

    … an email to the right person at the right time is the key to email marketing success. Yet, many are hesitant to adopt automation into their marketing strategy for fear of coming off as cold or robotic. But just because your emails are automated doesn’t mean they should lose the human touch. Here are three ways automation can actually bring you…

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  • Monday Catch-up: Lost Emails and Open-time Personalization Strategies

    … you’re considering moment-of-open personalization in your emails. But establishing a plan for long term analysis and success metrics should be the first step in your strategy. ClickZ offers some key questions to ask when you’re developing your plan, like, what’s the main objective of your messaging — selling, loyalty, social proof? Read the full list here. This entry was posted in Email Marketing and tagged email marketing, email strategy, personalization on Monday, October 19th, 2015 by Amy Mullen.…

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  • How Emails Are Evolving into Mailable Microsites

    … definite signs of email heading in this direction. But in recent months, developments have accelerated. These changes will have a serious impact on how emails are designed and how email success is measured. Here are some examples of new email functionality that we need to pay attention to: Product and Content Browsing Early attempts at creating…

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  • Marketing and Email Signatures: A Love Story

    … signature needs to be consistent with other signatures in the company. With this base covered, you can consider turning each signature into an eye-catching branding and marketing opportunity. Standardize Fonts and Formats Standardizing format, fields, and fonts is a huge improvement for most email signatures. At this stage, it’s best to avoid any…

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  • Hack Your Email Growth Rate with This List-Building Tool

    …) Email works well for marketers because it’s a singular channel, not a fragmented space like social media. And the sheer volume of email users is still a factor: 85% of internet users have an email address, while just 62% use social media. All of these developments have made customer email addresses very, very valuable to marketers…

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  • What is Content Marketing?

    … is a foundation of virtually any company. Companies tend to regard the blog as a one-at-a-time strategy, but it’s truly a recurring revenue and compounding interest strategy. Every blog post can be found and referenced every day to increase your ability to attract, retain and upsell customers. Blogging for business provides the food for search…

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  • Email marketing strategy: New and improved

    … of interesting, it allows to rejuvenate otherwise slacking attention and can be a great email marketing strategy for keeping prolonged interest. How to keep your email marketing Fresh In email marketing, keeping it fresh can means both smaller and larger changes. Examples of refreshing your email marketing can be in the form of: How often do we…

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