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  • 6 Ways to Educate Your Email Subscribers and Win More Opens

    … We always talk about getting more email subscribers as a way to build a sustainable online business. But, there’s not a lot of point in building that mailing list if none of the subscribers end up opening the emails that you send. Open rates and click through rates are just as important. In today’s post I’m going to share a few ways that I’ve…

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  • This Checklist Ensures You Send Successful Email Newsletters, Every Time

    … offer if their website is slow or down. Use this site to check. Does the email suit your brand and your subscribers’ expectations? Remember that subscribers are generally hooked up to several mailing lists and as such they have certain expectations about what you can send them. Make sure each campaign suits your brand’s messaging and is inline…

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  • How I Tweaked My Blog’s Design and (Almost) Doubled Signups

    … to a blog you can unknowingly affect all of those things. In the end, however, I decided that it was important for me to keep testing. Unless you test out your ideas you’ll never know whether they will work or not. And given that so much of this blog is about online experiments, I decided to give it a crack. So, we made a backup of the blog…

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  • Insider Tips from One of the World’s Top Fitness Websites

    … A significant portion of my day is spent trying to improve conversions. That could mean changing colors on a button, split testing some email sign-up forms or re-designing a landing page to see whether I can increase my click through rate. And one way I get ideas about what I could improve is by looking at what the world’s top websites…

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  • How to Better Manage Email Unsubscribes

    … It’s so hard to say good bye. To your email subscribers. But sometimes, you can’t avoid losing a few. And it only takes a few unwanted emails or a clunky unsubscribe process to hurt your reputation. But there are a few easy steps you can take to stay out of the doghouse with the recently unsubscribed. Make unsubscribing quick and painless When…

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  • Retailers: Amazon is Beating You to the Inbox

    … If you’re a retailer — big or small — you’re most likely competing with Amazon for customers. And that’s probably not news to you. But what may be surprising is how many of your email subscribers are also getting promotional holiday emails from Amazon weeks before the start of the holiday shopping season. Last week, we co-hosted a webinar…

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  • This One Trick Doubled My Email Sign Ups. Copy it.

    … that you can close the pop up easily by clicking anywhere on the screen, and it will never appear again, which helps me sleep at night. This pop up doesn’t directly allow sign ups, instead I send people off to a landing page that I have been tweaking for a while and it currently converts at 50.4% since using this plugin – almost double what it did before…

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  • Thank You For Subscribing: How to Optimize Welcome Emails

    … regulars to invite new members into the community. But when a new customer subscribes to your email newsletter for the first time, you can’t very well show up at their door and thank them for subscribing. Instead, your welcome email acts as your virtual first impression. As Easy SMPT reports, 81 percent of B2C marketers send welcome emails…

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  • The Optimistic Future Of Programmatic Email List Growth

    Published 1 min ago 19 Back in the day, email was strictly a communications tool for academic and business purposes. But it quickly became a solution for personal communication among friends and family, and continues to grow in its use and usefulness. Early in the lifecycle of email, smart marketers realized that email marketing presented a number of benefits over trad ...

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  • BTXP 005: One Landing Page That Every Blogger Must Build Today

    … you enjoy these podcasts? If you enjoy these podcasts please consider leaving me a review over on iTunes. It really helps get the podcast out there – which is a huge help to me. If there’s anything you want covered, or if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment and let me know. Ramsay WROTE THIS Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe for future stuff and get it sent directly to your inbox - it's totally free and doesn't happen often... LEARN MORE…

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  • How To Create Emails That Subscribers Love To Open and Read

    Did you know there are 3 times more email users around the globe (2.8 billion) than Facebook and Twitter combined (280 million)? In the US alone, the number of adult email users is expected to reach 203 million by 2017. More than 290 billion emails are sent every day from users around the world, making it the most effective mode of communication with the widest reach.

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