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  • Valentine’s Day Email Win: The Weekend Dating Forcast

    … rates compared to the “default” email campaign, and increased conversion on Hero CTA. Why not take a tip from the folks at eHarmony and woo your prospective Valentine’s Day customers with sophisticated messages based on this model? Love may bloom! …

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  • 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Emails

    We’re not sure if you noticed, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. That means stores are gearing up for one of the busiest shopping days of the season – flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and more are going to be flying off the physical and digital shelves. For the past month, Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns have been filling inboxes.

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  • Best Western: 20 Million Personalized Emails, 20% Lift in Email Revenue

    … Ink to dynamically personalize images within the emails depending on time-of-open and weather. For example, if a customer opens an email in New York City and it’s snowing at that moment, they’ll receive a picture of the beach. In addition to this kind of personalization, Best Western experimented creative optimization when offering rewards members…

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  • 8 Awesome #Snowmageddon2015 Emails

    … contextual emails based on the snowstorm: 1. Uber Before the storm hit Boston in full, Uber (established expert of contextual marketing) sent an email updating customers about what they could expect. This included information about surge pricing and news about Uber’s partnership with American Red Cross. 2. David’s Tea David’s Tea sent a contextual…

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  • Excentus Taps agileEMAIL To Pump Up Loyalty and Rewards Program

    … and deliver highly relevant and engaging campaigns at scale. Movable Ink: Why did you decide to partner with Movable Ink? Excentus: We are growing fast, we have a good product, and we don’t have a big marketing team. We were looking at tools that would allow us to be more efficient. Movable Ink saves us time and increases the relevancy to every…

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