• Automated Systems: When It Pays to Put Those Eggs in One Basket

    … to Ontraport. It’s sort of like exercise–you don’t see how good it is for you until you really get into it. Automating certain tasks also frees up team members to focus instead on innovating and developing other systems that can’t be handled by software. There’s no need for someone to be manually sorting out payroll and scrambling on the last day…

    Mary C. Long/ AllTwitter- 19 readers -
  • Use Emotional Connections to Increase Leads and Conversions

    … to connect with your content. Chris Dalton, content director for Evanta, suggested that developing a connection is often better than a pitch: Sometimes, the best sales pitch is no pitch at all. Consumers have become savvy to ignoring direct sales tactics or sleazy methods. If you offer information relating to your products with honesty and transparency…

    Inside Facebookin Social Facebook- 20 readers -
  • Inside Out: Why Sadness Is The Key to Happy Shareable Content

    … Are you a content marketer but you haven’t watched Inside Out yet? Shame on you. It’s all about five core emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust – and their attempts to control the mind of an 11-year-old girl. And if you think it has nothing to do with content marketing in general and content creation in particular, I have a bad…

    B2B Marketing Insiderin Content- 21 readers -
  • 3 Rules of Psychology in Sales and Marketing

    …. This infographic from Salesforce Canada touches on the psychology of sales and marketing and presents 3 rules that may help you (and us) do a better job of marketing and sales: Emotions play a huge role in purchasing decisions – trust is imperative so your brand recognition, web presence, online authority, reviews and even your pricing (too…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 10 readers -
  • Five Ways to Optimize Outreach With Psychology

    … with information that confirmed their own beliefs, participants were more likely to agree with and positively review material. This same principle can be applied when pitching: Make sure you research an editor before pitching; you want to be sure your content reaffirms his or her audience’s ideas. 3. Tap into emotions Possibly the most important factor…

    Relevance- 10 readers -
  • [New Research] Do Viral Emotions Differ by Age and Gender?

    … and women between the ages of 18 – 54 a collection of viral images from Imgur, as well as a set of non-viral images for comparison, we were able to determine which emotions are linked to viral content for different demographics. Their responses were categorized as either positive, negative, or surprised (which can be triggered both positively…

    Kelsey Libert/ Convince and Convertin Content- 5 readers -
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