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  • Podcast 50: Buying and Selling Sites with Justin and Joe from EmpireFlippers.com

    … definitely be a red flag. What Are Some Good Things to Look for When Buying a Site? A great site is specific to the buyer. Buy what you are experience in and benefits your individual business. Are the Prices on Empire Flippers Negotiable? Yes, if you are willing to make a reasonable offer; then all prices are negotiable. They usually get very close…

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  • Yes . . . I am still here

    … from the Amazon affiliate program. I am really in favor of not having all my eggs in one basket with Adsense. Also an Amazon affiliate site is a much different creature than a pure Adsense site. It is giving me a chance to learn new things in the world of internet marketing. So far the site is way under performing the advertised figures but I have…

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  • The Intellitheme RPM Boost

    … Finding the optimal WordPress theme for your niche sites can be quite a challenge. There are tons of options out there. Testing them all can be time consuming and costly if you are considering premium themes. Over the last year or so I have have tried several and the most effective them for my sites has hands down been Intellitheme from Empire…

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  • June 2013 Niche Site Income Report

    This was a fantastic month! My June 2013 Niche Site Income Report is my most positive so far. I committed myself to create at least one high quality niche site per day and I was able to stick to the plan. I have now built out 75 original sites. This nearly doubled my total coming into the month. It was also satisfying to see some of the sites I created towards the beginning of ...

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  • May 2013 Niche Site Income Report

    … how much I am earning. This will give you an idea of my return on investment. In fact I will produce an actual price to earnings multiple (P/E) and include in the table as well. At first glance the math may not look right for the P/E number because some of the sites were actually purchased in the middle of May. The P/E will reflect the prorated…

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