Employee Loyalty

    • 3 Ways You Can Show That You Value Your Employees

      It’s a common saying: the customer is always right. It’s not hard to see why this expression became popular. Saying the customer is always right seems to emphasize the high standards of any company that would follow this motto. Contradicting this idea seems to imply that businesses should focus on themselves over those they are supposed to be serving.

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  • 5 Steps That Will Improve Workplace Productivity and Efficiency

    … at the receiving end as a business owner. 1. Encourage Employees to Relax Studies indicate that employees who pay attention to their physical activity and fitness level are not only high performers, but generally have a very positive outlook on their work and office environment. You should encourage employees to stretch regularly, take breaks from time…

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  • 5 Unusual Workplace Benefits That You Did Not Know Existed

    … of which are very inexpensive for a company to adopt. For instance, an employee under the age of 35 would rather have free lunch in the office each week as opposed to a pay raise. What other alternative benefits can employers use to retain their best talent? 1. A Flexible Schedule Helps Employees with Work/Life Balance Consider allowing flextime…

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  • 10 Ways to Reward Your Employees with Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards

    … gift cards are a great way to say, “We care!” even though the large bonus checks are not available that year. As long as it is not motivated by greed (so the CEO can use the bonus money to run off and buy a small island in the Pacific Ocean), it will likely work. Generally, employees know when it has not been a “good year” and may even…

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