Employee Spotlight

  • Welcome, Kevin Osborne! AP’s New VP of Sales

    … We are excited and delighted to welcome Kevin Osborne to the Acceleration Partners team as our new VP of Sales. Kevin has served in a variety of sales roles at renowned companies, including AOL, Openbay and IAC. He has received numerous accolades for his leadership, sales training, and mentorship along with his digital industry expertise. His…

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  • AP Employee Spotlight: Liliana Ventura

    … off their list by visiting Australia and New Zealand. To read some of Liliana’s thought leadership, check out Feedfront magazine, Page 3 and Page 15. Welcome to AP, Liliana! Or… Bienvenida! Yōkoso! Bem-vinda! Kalós órises! Huānyíng! The post AP Employee Spotlight: Liliana Ventura appeared first on Acceleration Partners. …

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  • AP Employee Spotlight: Alison Chew

    As Acceleration Partners’ Global Director of Strategic Partners and Publishers, Alison takes publisher development to a new level. She fosters and manages business development partnerships that align with our affiliate, SEO and Paid Marketing services. Tell us a few interesting facts about yourself? I’m a Jersey girl.

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  • Employee Spotlight: Laurie DeSimone

    … marketing teams. Her leadership established consistent story-telling across touchpoints closest to the US consumer: Wholesale, Owned Retail, Strategic Partnerships, field marketing, PR, Media, Brand Communications and Events. While serving in these various roles, Laurie gained a reputation for being an exceptional leader who challenged her team…

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  • Employee Spotlight: Heather Montgomery

    … from one rung to the next on your own. We had to help each other up until we reached the top. Standing at the bottom it seemed like there was no way we would all make it, but we did. That was a great experience and made me realize my coworkers would always have my back. The post Employee Spotlight: Heather Montgomery appeared first on Acceleration Partners. …

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  • Executive Spotlight – Anand Gurunathan

    … This Tuesday, we’re pleased to shine the Executive Spotlight on Vice President of Technology Delivery – Anand Gurunathan. As VP, Technology Delivery Anand’s daily responsibilities consist of working with the product and technology teams to ensure that they are working on the right features for the current release and futures releases. He also…

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  • Employee Spotlight – Derek Leung

    … It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time to highlight one of our very talented and unique Boosters! This week’s Employee Spotlight goes to Senior Customer Success Manager – Derek Leung. As Senior Customer Success Manager, Derek provides leadership to his pod and helps facilitate the relationships that each of his team members has…

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  • Executive Spotlight – Shawn Myers

    … This week, the Executive Spotlight is on Senior Vice President of Marketing, Shawn Myers. As SVP Marketing, Shawn leads global marketing for Boost Media. His primary responsibilities are to ensure that every brand or agency marketer who is trying to improve their ad creatives has heard of Boost Media, and how we can help them improve their ad…

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