• 4 Ways Millennials At Work Are Changing For The Better With Kaizen

      According to research, four-in-ten millennial workers ages 25 to 29 had at least a bachelor’s degree in 2016. This number of workers is much higher compared to other generations. This implies that they are educated and most likely open for change and opportunities. Millennials are naturally creative and idea-driven who always want to challenge the status quo.

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    • Freelance Like A King [Infographic]

      Freelancing. One of, if not the greatest way to earn extra money is available to everyone on the planet with Internet access. Freelancing is a term that is attracting more and more people by the day, as it gains insane momentum due to massive interest in it. With the statistics gathered by a Zeqr in a simple infographic you’ll see down below, there is so much data to convince ...

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  • How much will the eclipse cost the country?

    …. While that sounds like a lot, it pales in comparison to other events around the calendar. During March Madness it’s estimated $615 million per hour is lost in productivity, while the day after the Super Bowl is said to lose $290 million every 10 minutes. Then there’s Cyber-Monday where $450 million in productivity is lost every 14 minutes. What makes these events worse is they happen every year. So a once in a lifetime event where most employees are taking an extended lunch to view doesn’t seem so bad. …

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  • Essential for Your Next Job Interview – The Art of Maintaining Eye Contact

    … Should you look into his eye? Would he think you are staring? Is it okay to look away once in a while? If someone mentions the words eye contact before an interview, these things would surely come to our mind. If you make the right amount of eye contact in an interview, it levels up your chances of bagging the job to a great extent. In the past…

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  • McDonald’s using Snapchat to recruit new hires

    … If you need to hire a large number of new employees, you need to go where your potential hires are. For McDonald’s, that would be social media and not just any social media, but Snapchat specifically. The fast-food pioneer is using the photo sharing app to appeal to the 16-24 demographic in order to hire 250,000 people for the summer. If you…

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  • On-Demand Labor Solves Problems of Companies and Workers

    … looking for work or for a worker, on-demand labor can benefit you. Join the On-Demand Workforce If you’ve been searching for employment or are not satisfied with your job for some reason, you should consider being a temp worker and providing on-demand labor. This could look like contract work, freelancing, or working at a company for a set time period…

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  • 5 Signs of a Weak Social Media Campaign

    … on social media. Users will want to get the entire message of your content via a single image. With Instagram forecasted to bring in $2.81 billion in ads revenue by 2017, image content will only increase in importance. In the end, several factors could impact the success of your social media campaign. Avoid any of these signs at all cost. James Jorner is a content strategist and marketer at Effective Inbound Marketing. His company specializes in online branding and digital marketing for businesses. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • Beware of hurricane work scams

    … Beware of hurricane work scams When huge disasters happen in our country it usually unites us in aiding those affected by the calamity. While they can bring out the best in us these disasters can also bring out the worst in us as it gives scammers and con artists a new opportunity to take advantage of our willingness to help. One of those…

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  • How to Create a ‘Monster’ Social Video Campaign

    … of its integration with the “big four” video channels—YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—to schedule posts at the most impactful times directly from the Hootsuite dashboard. For instance, in a recent blog post, Hootsuite compiled recent survey results from Kissmetrics and other sources, detailing the optimal times to share content on these…

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  • Is student loan debt relief the new 401k?

    … Is student loan debt relief the new 401k? In the past, most employers provided a helpful benefits package to their employees. Robust health and dental plans along with a helpful 401k plan used to be the norm. A number of employers even had a program where you could be reimbursed for your college education if you attended classes while working…

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  • Is work at home just fly by night?

    … Is work at home just fly by night? The off ramp to bankruptcy The work at home con has been around longer than the internet. Back in pre-internet days one of those cons was known as envelope stuffing. In it a prospective ’employee’ would pay a fee to receive materials in order to stuff mailers recruiting even more people into the scheme…

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  • Tips you need for a first time resume

    … Tips you need for a first time resume Previously we’ve discussed why you need a good resume but what if you’re making your resume for the first time? We’ve got you covered there as well. Too many times we see employment request being submitted by young people either just out of school or still in school who just give their name and phone…

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  • Why you need a good resume

    … Why you need a good resume At Geebo we see a number of resumes submitted every by people looking for employment. Unfortunately we also see a lot of resumes that would discourage an employer from looking at them. Too many times we see resumes that are severely lacking information or don’t have any information at all so we’d like to help our…

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  • Job Hunting? Both Weak and Strong Social Ties Can Help (Study)

    … What roles do close contacts on social networks and contacts that users have weaker ties to play during job searching? Facebook research scientist Moira Burke, Tufts University associate professor of economics Laura Gee and Stony Brook University assistant professor of sociology Jason Jones teamed up to answer that question, and they presented…

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  • How Does Social Media Play Into Today’s Job Search?

    … The employment landscape is shifting, thanks to the influence of automation, a growing gig economy and electoral change. A new study from Jobvite analyses the attitudes of workers on issues relating to job security, the economy and the future of work. Social media plays a huge role in the job search. Jobvite found that 48 percent of survey…

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