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  • Late Night Television's Takeover of YouTube

    There was a time when all of the secrets for how to capture an audience with online video were held by home-grown creators on YouTube. But as I have delved into my project for “Rediscovering Online Video” one thing has become clear to me. Late Night talk shows in particular have not only learned from those creators, but they are taking over the online video scene.

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  • Shure: YouTube Channel Review - Through the 'Reel' Wringer

    … and socialize more. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s review of gaming juggernaut PewDiePie. Check out these other fine reviews, or schedule a in-depth audit of your brand’s YouTube channel by clicking here. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week when we put yet another channel through the wringer. …

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  • JJ Watt and Gatorade Teach Us a Lesson in Video Marketing

    … Create a Playlist Gatorade made a great move by making their content into a playlist. I discovered all 11 videos (which I’ve already watched at least three times each for the laughs) just from watching one of their videos. Just making a playlist isn’t enough though, you have to make sure people discover that playlist. I found it from the end slate…

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  • 3 Essential Ways To Optimize YouTube Playlists [#TubeTalk #46]

    … with short native embedded videos and link them to the full version of videos on YouTube (within the playlists). He also uses Huzzaz, which enables you to embed playlists on your Twitter feed. End Slates: Mark added that at the end of your YouTube video, you usually see the end slate that YouTube adds by default. This is a list of related videos…

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