Enhanced Campaigns

  • Get Started with Perfect Audience Retargeting

    … for a wide range of 3Q’s retargeting campaigns. What is Perfect Audience? Perfect Audience is a retargeting platform that helps you reach previous visitors within Facebook, Twitter, and other networks including GDN, Openx, and beyond. A couple of pointers to get you started: To start off, I would recommend using Manual Bidding vs. Optimized Bidding…

    3Q Digitalin Google Retargeting- 4 readers -
  • Win the Mobile Bid Battle with 3 Easy Excel Reports

    … that you pulled your Average Position- just include the columns that examine your Lost Impression Share due to Rank and/or Budget. Budget is slightly less useful, as there’s no way to control spend distribution by device (thanks, Enhanced Campaigns), but it can give you an idea of where your money will be going should you decide to increase your budgets…

    PPC Heroin Paid Search Google- 9 readers -
  • Write Better Ads For Your Mobile Audience

    … This week we've been writing about why we perform tasks certain ways in our PPC accounts. Today I'll look at why it's pivotal to write mobile specific ads. I've found a lack of mobile specific ads to be one of the top errors in many accounts. Setting aside your opinion on profitability of mobile traffic, if you are going to target smart phones…

    Matt Umbro/ PPC Hero- 3 readers -
  • How to Optimize Your AdWords Enhanced Campaigns In 5 Minutes

    Simple data based bid adjustments without the hassle. When it comes time to make changes to your Enhanced Campaigns leveraging the power of new tools on the market to extend the power of your current tools allows you to do more in less time, move faster and make smarter decisions. To help AdWords advertisers save time, bolster high performing ads and cut ineffective spend we ...

    Jeremy Page/ PPC Hero- 12 readers -
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