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    • The highs and lows of enterprise SEO: Which strategies paid off best in 2017?

      As we come to the end of 2017 and embark on the inevitable dozens of review articles looking back over the past year of search, it’s as good a time as any to reflect on SEO strategy. What are the greatest challenges being faced by the industry as a whole? What have been the biggest successes? What are companies of different sizes setting as their top priorities for SEO strateg ...

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  • Complete Guide to 4xx HTTP Status Codes by an SEO Dad

    (A post only an SEO or Dev could love) Not too long ago, the Portent SEO team was sitting around in a meeting when we came across a 4xx level http status error and couldn’t remember the meaning. Might have been a 410 or a 418… Anyway, when you have a flock of SEOs in the room you do what SEOs do and search the world wide web for the answer.

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  • A JSON-LD Implementation Guide

    … SearchFest 2016 (aka the last “SearchFest”) had a load of great talks, but only a few were as immediately relevant to my work as the deep dive discussion of structured and unstructured data from AJ Kohn and Mike Arnesen. They lent great insight to my approach to these two different types of information, and deepened my appreciation…

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  • How Enterprise SEO Differs from Traditional SEO

    … promoted: SEO for a small, mom-and-pop shop with a decidedly local presence is going to be entirely different than SEO for a huge, international agency. Companies in this second category might fall under the broad heading of enterprise SEO. Again, enterprise SEO has the same basic goals as traditional SEO, but because it deals with an elite…

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  • SEO: The Quick & Dirty Google Index Diagnostic

    … problems can affect your entire digital marketing program, our Marketing Stack Explainer is a great primer. If you’d like to go a little geekier, we recently published a Field Guide to SEO Spider Traps, which can cause a lot of the surface level symptoms we’ve seen here. Wrapping up I hope that you found the results of the diagnostic either reassuring…

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  • Field Guide to Spider Traps: An SEO’s Companion

    … If search engines can’t crawl your site, SEO efforts do not amount to much. One of the problems I see most often are ‘spider traps’. Traps kill crawls and hurt indexation. Here’s how you find and fix them: What is a spider trap? A spider trap is a structural issue that causes a web crawler to get stuck in a loop, loading meaningless ‘junk’ pages…

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