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  • 8 Ingredients of a Banging Email Marketing Campaign

    …. A Well thought headline and body content 4. Appealing design 5. A compelling call to action 6. A dedicated landing page 7. The right time to send 8. Testing, testing, testing Without the above you are simply a dead fish in the big pond of email marketing. Which of the above ingredients list do you use? …

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  • Dazzle & Connect With Your Audience with these 7 Storytelling Strategies

    … delivered under the surface. Promoting your product’s new features as raw content won’t be as effective as layering them underneath a traveling husband talking ‘face-to-face’ with his daughter. A refugee from Vietnam, raised in Australia, with a BA from Texas, Thai’s unique background is reflected in his work. He writes for The Huffington Post…

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  • Are PPC Campaigns More Effective for Local Ads than Traditional Means?

    … – unless you offered online services of some fashion. According to Oz Ahmad of Entrepreneur.com, “…don’t waste your money on ads that reach the wrong people.” Trending Mobile Markets As more mobile devices are activated yearly with more than seven billion of them across the globe, you need to have a method of Internet-based advertising for your…

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  • 5 Easy Ways To Inject Life Into Your Editorial Calendar

    … to individuals, check out this Entrepreneur.com post from brand strategist Debra Kaye. Find space in your company’s editorial calendar to create content highlighting your customers—and team members who provide a high caliber of service. Doing so puts a face to your organization and helps you avoid becoming a product-hawking monolith. Tip #3: Word…

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  • 74 Blogging Titles that Get People to Click! #3 Works Best!

    … articles with numbers in the titles and we continually see them getting thousands upon thousands of shares on Facebook, people started to catch on — these crazy number posts are actually getting a lot of attention. And there’s been no stopping it ever since… Even Entrepreneur.com is hooked and these crazy numbered post titles are they are the most…

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  • Data Shows Restaurant Owners Can Tame Negative Tweets at Tableside

    … for every one review on TripAdvisor.com. While Twitter’s data shows that 72 percent of restaurant tweets are positive, Taylor suggested it is possible to inch the needle toward 100 percent. “[W]ith some careful monitoring of social media, restaurants have the chance to change their customers’ minds before they leave,” she wrote. Reference: Taylor, Kate. 3 Out of 4 Negative Tweets Happen While Customers Are Still Inside the Restaurant; Entrepreneur.com. September 22, 2014. …

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  • 11 LinkedIn Marketing Tips Every Business Should Implement

    … Editor at Entrepreneur.com (Source: Entrepreneur) Participate in groups “Do a little research, think back to your goals, and you’ll likely find a group that will help you reach them. If you can’t find a group, just start one!” -Tracy Gold, Social Media & Content Marketing Specialist (Source: Social Media Today) Don’t forget the mobile app “Simply…

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