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  • Essential Tips For The Budding Entrepreneurs

    … entrepreneurs, which will help them carve out their entrepreneurial success with sheer accuracy and greater efficiency. So here it is how you can smartly turn your experiment into success, but remember there’s no substitute for hard work: 1. Know Whether Your Business Idea Is Really Powerful Or Not A great business idea is the backbone of your dream…

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  • Perfectionists Are Not Entrepreneurs

    … tried hard every day you might be able to get over it’ or ‘well I hope it doesn’t hold you back in life’. Perfection for me should be viewed as a fault not an attribute especially in the entrepreneurial world. The pursuit of perfection is akin to the pursuit of failure, because there’s no such a thing as perfect life or business. As an entrepreneur…

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  • It's Not About What You Know, It's About Who You Know

    … Not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for traveling around the world and attending various trade shows and conferences. If I had to pick just one thing above all others that has increased my business in the most efficient way, it’s definitely traveling. Our last show was Leadscon West at Continue reading…

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  • The Trick To Demolishing Your Competition

    … In life and in business, you will face competition. It’s inevitable. I once viewed competition much like most people do. I’ve faced it in my life and in every business I’ve ever created. You know that uneasy feeling. The one that brings nervousness or maybe fear over you. It happens on a daily basis more Continue reading…

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