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In political economics, entrepreneurship is the process of identifying and starting a new business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources, while taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture.
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  • AffEngineer 2015 Goals

    … Last year I had set myself a personal goal of reaching 150k profit. I made 143k USD which translates to 150k AUD. This year I’m going to set myself a goal of 150k USD again BUT I’m going to break it down to the following, 25k from a NEW long term site/asset 45k from Teespring/Custom Products 80k from Affengineer Why the same Goal? 2014…

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  • Favorite Moments From The CMI Podcast Network

    …, we each have the ability to create an entrepreneurial mindset and use content as the vehicle to drive our message directly to our audience. I love what Joe is doing with this podcast format. Twice a week new episodes download into my podcast player and I have my own little university course on content and business. Joe’s passion comes through…

    Pamela Muldoon/ Content Marketing Institutein Content- 19 readers -
  • Please Support Edinburgh’s Tech Start-Up Scene

    … Just because we aren’t in Silicon Valley does not mean that there isn’t a vibrant start-up scene in Edinburgh. Over the years I’ve learned a huge amount from the tech entrepreneurs, start-up marketers, product managers and developers based here in the Athens of the North. This is why I urge you to support the StartEdin initiative. It’s aim…

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  • Why Affiliates Make The Worst Entrepreneurs

    … TaeWoo wrote an article on Why Affiliates Make The Best Entrepreneurs. And I agree with a majority of the arguments, as I probably fall into every thing he said about what makes (good) affiliates into (good) entrepreneurs. But dealing with affiliates the past several years of my life, I’ve also noticed that there are some patterns I see now…

    Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoneyin Affiliate- 23 readers -
  • Why I Don’t Recommend Entrepreneurship to Everyone Anymore

    … When I got started in business, I really didn’t have a choice. It was either put up or shut up. Make or break. Sink or swim. Not because I thought this was nice to have…or that it was my destiny to be who I am today, but I just HAD to make my business successful. Since then, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. Sold some businesses, built some…

    Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoney- 6 readers -
  • Why Law of Attraction is For Rookies

    … Ever watch the movie “The Secret”? If you’re like me and every other dreamer on this planet, there’s 90% chance that you did. If you haven’t, let me give you a 15 second summary. If you want health, attract it by THINKING it. And the universe will somehow conspire a way to give you six pack… or at least a path to get you there. If you want…

    Taewoo Kim/ ShoeMoney- 17 readers -
  • Wny Affiliates Make Best Entrepreneurs

    …, and even operations people. Most entrepreneurs have a mindset of “i can do it all” and become good at nothing. (Yes, I do suffer from this and are now starting let things go.. things that I’m great at, but still hate doing). There’s only 24 hours in a day, the affiliates that make the 99% of the income know that there’s no freakin’ possible way…

    Taewoo Kim/ ShoeMoneyin Affiliate- 15 readers -
  • 30k Fans, 1k Subscribers, 3 Huge Mistakes.

    … The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success - Bruce Feirstein I don’t know what came over me when I had this idea. I was at a dog park and i saw this lady that had this pet collar that looked like California driver’s license. I thought.. hey this is pretty crazy but it might just work. “How much did you pay…

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  • Why You Can’t Get a Technical Co-Founder

    … One of the most frequently faced problems marketers and entrepreneurs in business face these days is the technical aspects of running an online business (or business heavily affected by online). And it totally makes sense, because now the nerds and their software are taking over the internet. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest, Dropbox…

    Jeremy Schoemaker/ ShoeMoney- 5 readers -