• Entrepreneurs: Find Your Purpose with 16 Questions

      [NOTE: This is the second in a series of posts exploring the topic of entrepreneurship. While my focus has and will continue to be on Facebook ads, I have plenty to share about what I’ve learned while building my business.] More than five years ago, my entrepreneurial journey began — whether I knew it or not — when I was laid off for the second time in two years.

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    • Entrepreneurs: Find Your Content Focus

      [NOTE: This is the third in a series of posts exploring the topic of entrepreneurship. While my focus has and will continue to be on Facebook ads, I have plenty to share about what I’ve learned while building my business.] Last week, I took you through a 17-question exercise to help you find your entrepreneurial purpose.

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    • From Nothing

      No job. No money. No experience. No confidence. In late August of 2011, I started a business from nothing. This is the first in a series of posts that will explore entrepreneurship and my journey from nothing to profitability. I know. I usually write about Facebook ads. I’ll continue to publish blog posts about Facebook ads on Fridays.

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  • How Company Culture Can Achieve Your Mission

    … aspects of a company. A critical component to success is aligning company culture with mission and business strategy. Everyone from a C-suite executive to an entry-level employee plays an active role in achieving your company’s mission and business outcome. When we support our team by giving them the tools and resources they need to be successful, we…

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  • Essential Tips For The Budding Entrepreneurs

    … entrepreneurs, which will help them carve out their entrepreneurial success with sheer accuracy and greater efficiency. So here it is how you can smartly turn your experiment into success, but remember there’s no substitute for hard work: 1. Know Whether Your Business Idea Is Really Powerful Or Not A great business idea is the backbone of your dream…

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  • The 100 Best Tech & Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following

    … I have always wanted to create a list of blogs that I love to read, share and link to because I think it’d be nice to see them in a listicle rather than just adding them to Feedly (my favorite RSS reader). Moreover, I didn’t want to add tons of blogs to my RSS reader as I hate to see hundreds of unread items. And hey, you should also have a list…

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  • 8 LinkedIn Tips For Blogging Entrepreneurs

    … 8 LinkedIn Tips to Help Blogging Entrepreneurs BOOST Their Exposure. My advice comes from 9+ years of using LinkedIn to get more traffic, leads and customers. And my BIGGEST win from using LinkedIn was getting the attention of an oversees startup that turned into a 8 month $42,000 client contract. For the past 12 months I have been spending…

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  • How You as an Entrepreneur Can Benefit from WOMM Part Two

    … In Part One of this series, we saw how certain savvy entrepreneurs avoid hiring outrageously expensive marketing agencies. Instead, they get their customers and other vendors to gladly help spread the word for them at no additional cost. In Part Two, you will discover another proven, low-cost, unconventional way of consistently generating…

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  • 19 Different Types of Entrepreneurs – Which Are You?

    … Here are 19 different types of Entrepreneurs – Where do you stand? So you’re an entrepreneur huh, do you know what kind you are? Do you even know there is more than one? Before we get to the 19 types, let’s see WHAT an entrepreneur is. “A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” I think…

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  • How You as an Entrepreneur Can Benefit from WOMM

    … Have you noticed how most severely cash-starved small business owners, startups and or service providers routinely settle for some rather dismal rates of returns (ROI’s) when it comes to their conventional, advertising/marketing campaigns? On the other hand, some extremely savvy entrepreneurs, seem to consistently generate a ton of online buzz…

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  • 3 Simple Ways Savvy Small Business Owners Can Increase Their Profits Now!

    …(Especially If They’re Working On A Razor Thin Shoestring Budget!) So have you noticed how the vast majority of extremely cash strapped small business owners startups and or service providers/entrepreneurs market their businesses. For some odd reason, initially, a staggering 95% or more of them will go for the outrageously expensive, traditional…

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  • #010: You Don’t Need All the Answers with Aaron Janx

    …The Find Your Voice Rock Your Blog Podcast Welcomes Aaron Janx If you’ve ever found yourself wanting some no-fluff, straight forward advice for your business or your marketing, this is just the episode for you. Aaron Janx runs a Facebook group called ‘Straight Up Entrepreneurs‘ and if there was anyone ever qualified to tell it like…

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  • Automated Systems: When It Pays to Put Those Eggs in One Basket

    … There are times when it makes sense to diversify and not put all of your eggs in one basket–when investing in the stock market, for example. But when it comes to workplace efficiency, it’s often worth letting automated systems manage multiple tasks using one convenient platform. Many entrepreneurs–small business owners especially–have…

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  • 4 Strategies to Save on Startup Legal Fees

    … Major issues stopping budding entrepreneurs from going full-blown and starting a business are the legal matters and associated costs. Lawyers are going to charge you a lot for good reason. Experienced lawyers charge between $100-$200 per hour, and most startups cannot afford their rates. Starting a new business requires a number of things…

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  • 5 Ingredients to Creating the Right Business Model

    … It is good to be ambitious and dream big. Almost all of us want to turn into entrepreneurs, running our own businesses. But merely thinking of becoming an entrepreneur will not work any magic for you. You need to have a solid business model to achieve your dreams. A business idea can come from anywhere – a need, a passion, or a story…

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