• The Importance of Entrepreneurial Mental Health

      Today we’re joined by Cory Miller. Cory is a former newspaper journalist turned full-time entrepreneur. In 2008, he started iThemes, which builds web design software and offers cutting-edge web design training for thousands of customers around the globe. Cory is a passionate entrepreneur who believes in finding and maintaining work happiness (for himself and others) that ali ...

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    • How Jay Baer Is Navigating New Waters with His Latest Digital Product

      This week’s guest on The Digital Entrepreneur wants to hug you … even if you hate him! He founded one of the world’s most popular online resources for marketers and business owners, hosts one of the world’s most influential social media and marketing podcasts, and is the author of several exceptional books.

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  • How Will Falconer Stopped Trading Dollars for Hours and Found His Calling

    This week’s guest on The Digital Entrepreneur is all about vitality. His focus is educating dog owners on natural practices that prevent pet illness effectively and sensibly. He helps people who want the best for their animals. He is … Will Falconer and he is a digital entrepreneur. In this 40-minute episode, Will and I discuss: His journey to digital entrepreneurship, ...

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  • Are One-on-One Connections the Key to Jumpstarting Your Online Business?

    … This week’s guest on The Digital Entrepreneur is focused. Her focus is on creating a one-on-one relationship with every one of her customers. How? She’s doing so by utilizing Twitter to personally connect with her target customers. And those connections have driven the growth of her online business. In this 32-minute episode, Kayla Hollatz…

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  • 21 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Think Differently

    … Successful entrepreneurs think differently! They approach problems, fear and failure differently to the ‘normal’ person. Successful entrepreneurs know that the impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion! Above all, the successful entrepreneur has an optimism and a zest for life that transforms everything they do. 21 Ways Successful…

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  • The Upside of Setting Outrageous Goals

    … with connections to make the world a better place … In this 46-minute episode, Brandon Lewin and I discuss: The biggest benefit he derives from being a digital entrepreneur Why he finds it imperative to “give away” all the information he possibly can His story on how he got the taste for entrepreneurship at a young age What led him…

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  • Building Your Virtual Team with Jess Ostroff

    … As the leader of a virtual company of more than 65 people located around the world, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, I had a lot of help from my partners getting to this point over the last six years. Nowadays, you have publications like the Harvard Business Review talking about virtual teams and the “post-geographic” office…

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  • Marinate in the Problem Space, with Chris Lema

    … My guest today is a daily blogger, public speaker, and product strategist. Over the last twenty-five years, he has been leading teams of people, mostly through telling stories and motivating companies to bring products to market. He’s been the founder, CTO, and advisor to numerous companies, and he loves to marinate in what he refers…

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  • Sean McCabe’s Tried-and-True Techniques for Getting More Meaningful Work Done

    … This week’s guest on The Digital Entrepreneur is motivated. And he’s not just motivated to achieve his own goals, he’s motivated to help others achieve theirs as well. He’s uncovered two big secrets to getting more of the right things done. One is putting his back up against the wall. The other takes place every night … In this 35-minute…

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  • Six steps to increase your app conversion rate

    … Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist App marketing is a difficult job. Your goal is higher downloads and app conversion rate in a crowded space with strict marketplace rules. Often the people who build apps are from small teams with no formal training in marketing. And unlike marketing physical goods, advertising might not be your best…

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  • Be Humble Enough to Ask

    … My guest today is the CEO and founder of Songfreedom, a music licensing platform where photographers and cinematographers can find the perfect song for their story with the click of a button. My guest is not afraid to leap down paths others fear to tread. From young manager to music licensing entrepreneur, my guest used a natural inclination…

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  • Three Ways Leaving the 9-5 for Entrepreneurship Improved My Life

    … By Elise Perkins, {grow} Community Member Stress in the workplace remains a top trigger for the everyday aches and pains that plague the American employee. A recent Deloitte study further illuminates the reasons why this occurs: worries over making mistakes, challenging workloads, “urgent” projects which add to the daily deliverables, excessive…

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  • Should You Trust Your Gut or Follow Your Mentors?

    … My guest today is a serial entrepreneur in the truest sense of the term. While in college, he started importing and selling pool tables online, when he co-founded PoolTables.com. For six years he grew the company until finally selling it. He jumped straight back into business by founding Baby.com.br, Brazil’s leading e-commerce retailer…

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  • What It Takes to Be A Successful ‘Appreneur’?

    What? Never came across the term ‘Appreneur’, well this consists of an entrepreneur who engages himself in the mobile application development business or in the industry of micropayment services. This is worth taking a note that an appreneur can be anyone as long as you carry an idea and the ability to turn it into a quality mobile application.

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  • How to Find Your Next Big Thing

    …, but adapted my process in the last 10 years to match opportunity with who I am. Today’s guest, Jenny Blake, opens Season Three of Unemployable having written a book I think we all wish we could have had years ago. It’s called Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, and it reveals an adaptable process that will help you weed out the wrong…

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