• Research shows we may be at the end of the startup era

      By Mark Schaefer About a year ago, I wrote a blog post that went against the grain. At a time when everybody was ga-ga over Snapchat I predicted that Facebook would eventually dismantle them. I wrote: Snapchat has no meaningful intellectual property. There is nothing really stopping Facebook (or the apps they own like Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp) from copying anything they do.

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    • hitting reset

      Pic by me – Chicago, July 2016 Last month I hit the lowest of lows I’ve yet to experience in business. But I’ll come back to that. I should probably take you to what led to this. And I should tell you this story does end on a positive. But fair warning – it goes through a whole lotta lows too.

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  • #161: Love & Business: How to Make it Work

    … and keeping a marriage together are tough. Together? It’s an entirely different beast. The fact is, entrepreneurship brings a very different dimension to a marriage. People with 9-to-5 jobs usually work in organizations that provide support, training and resources. Entrepreneurship can be isolating, which is one reason we often turn to our spouses…

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  • 5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Motivate Themselves

    … In business, it can sometimes be difficult to see the wood for the trees and understand what you really want to achieve. So it’s vital to identify the main reasons why you are in business and what you want to accomplish. For some people, entrepreneurship is a way to break free from the 9-to-5 routine and become the masters of their own destinies…

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  • #160: Behind the Scenes of My Website Redesign

    … Here’s the thing: businesses evolve and grow. Mine has (and so will yours). And what worked a few years ago for my website is no longer reflective of where I am today. If you know it’s time for a website revamp, let this serve as your roadmap of sorts. While you may make different decisions than I did, the overall message you should take away…

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  • #159: How I Found, Hired and Work With My Project Manager

    … When you’re just starting out, you can manage everything on your own. And you probably have to—until you’re generating revenue. As soon as that happens, things change. Priorities shift. To-do lists grow. New ideas, projects and opportunities pop up every day, all of which are left for you to juggle with. What if you had the right support to help…

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  • The raw truth about “I work harder than you”

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist “I work harder than you.” Those five words are devastatingly destructive. I had this terrible fight with a good friend about a year ago. She basically told me that because I work from home and “play on Facebook all day” (I own a fast-growing social media marketing agency, but let’s go…

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  • #158: Saving Sales & Rescuing Refunds

    … You know how intense launches are from start to finish, right? You’ve heard me say here repeatedly that you’ve got to think through every part of it. And in so many ways, once that cart opens, you’ve got to double your efforts to save sales. Then once those carts close, you have to get scrappy to keep those new customers happy, and rescue any…

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  • #156: Expert Secrets & Online Strategies with Russell Brunson

    … In online marketing, no one knows how to build a movement better than super entrepreneur Russell Brunson. You’ve probably heard me talk about his very popular software company ClickFunnels, but he’s also got a coaching company, a supplements company and he’s a best-selling author with a new book out called Expert Secrets & Online Strategies…

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  • Startup Roller Coaster: How to Cope with the Ups and Downs

    … If you’ve been following along my journey on this blog, you probably know by now that I only use Snapchat to document my #StartupLife which is why you’ll see a lot of my Stories revolving around what I do day to day. I often say it’s not easy. But, in all honesty, it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It’s a long road to get to where…

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  • No, Your Startup Doesn’t Have to Scale Right from the Start

    … As founders, a lot of what we choose to do gets scrutinized. This is especially the case when we take in investments and new partners. Eventually, friends, family, peers, and even the media that cover your work, will jump in and do the same thing to you and your startup. It can be overwhelming for many founders and worse, it can drive you…

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  • Practical Tools for Finding Courage and Revealing Your True Voice

    … In 1911, a man known as “Ishi” (the name just means man in his language), believed to be the last of the Yahi people, emerged from the wilderness after 44 years. He was taken from Oroville, California to San Francisco by an anthropologist, to work with a group that wanted to learn more about Ishi’s language and culture. When the train came…

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  • 5 Ways to Make Blogging Great Again in 2017

    … New year. New President… and now time for a new perspective on blogging. Sure, we all know what ‘blogging’ is and how it’s transformed the way content is created on the internet today. We also know that without WordPress, the process of creating a website or blog would also be a thousand times harder. With all of this in mind…. why are so many…

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  • Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth

    … That was Mike Tyson’s response before a big fight when reporters were grilling him for his strategy. The beauty of Iron Mike’s quote is that it applies to everyone of us now and again. Everyone has a plan for their life, for their career, for their family, for their health. And sometimes we get punched in the mouth while executing our perfectly…

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