• How To Sell A Website For Top Money | Entrepreneurs Guide

      Before you sell a website, you need to know this… Most “website valuations” are based on dated and flawed thinking Thinking that leaves the entrepreneur selling a website out of pocket! In this article Website Selling Authority and good friend of IncomeDiary, Clinton Lee shows how the entrepreneur can get more for their online business (or indeed any business) than they thought.

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    • 5 Ways to Make Blogging Great Again in 2017

      New year. New President… and now time for a new perspective on blogging. Sure, we all know what ‘blogging’ is and how it’s transformed the way content is created on the internet today. We also know that without WordPress, the process of creating a website or blog would also be a thousand times harder. With all of this in mind….

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  • Practical Tools for Finding Courage and Revealing Your True Voice

    … In 1911, a man known as “Ishi” (the name just means man in his language), believed to be the last of the Yahi people, emerged from the wilderness after 44 years. He was taken from Oroville, California to San Francisco by an anthropologist, to work with a group that wanted to learn more about Ishi’s language and culture. When the train came…

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  • Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth

    … That was Mike Tyson’s response before a big fight when reporters were grilling him for his strategy. The beauty of Iron Mike’s quote is that it applies to everyone of us now and again. Everyone has a plan for their life, for their career, for their family, for their health. And sometimes we get punched in the mouth while executing our perfectly…

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  • Technique: Trust the Process & Reach Your Startup’s “1” Goal

    … Here’s the thing. You have that one goal for your startup, right? In many cases you have more than 1 but there’s always that one big one. As you slug along and go through the up and down journey with your startup and as an entrepreneur to reach that one goal, you’ll come to a point that you’d start asking yourself if you are doing the right…

    Dennis Seymour/ Den's Blog- 13 readers -
  • What The Best Sales Closers Taught Me About Selling Online

    … I started my entrepreneurial career in the Summer of 1982, selling door to door. Some would call it ‘hard selling’. Yet, the master sales closers I met made it look easy. Prospects fell in love with them. They never had to close anyone hard. Truth be known, I wanted to be like them. I learned a lot from these early sales mentors…

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  • Laura Roeder on Building a Business that Supports the Lifestyle You Love

    … This week’s guest is a self-learner. She aspires to help people’s small businesses succeed beyond their wildest dreams by making social media marketing plain and simple to understand and implement. She is Laura Roeder, and she is a Digital Entrepreneur. In this episode, Laura walks you through her journey as a digital entrepreneur: How…

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  • Creating Online Courses to Level Up from Freelance, with Carrie Dils

    … Many freelancers dream of the day that they’ll have sources of income other than from client work. Some hope to stop taking clients for good in favor of selling online training instead. Carrie Dils did just that. A long time web developer, Carrie adopted the WordPress platform to do client work as a freelancer. But it was when she started…

    Brian Clark/ Copyblogger- 12 readers -
  • Lessons on Business and Life from the ‘Zen Master of Marketing’

    … This week’s guest is a visionary strategist for the digital age. She helps brands reach the next level by leveraging digital opportunities to drive meaningful results. She is Shama Hyder (aka the “Zen Master of Marketing”), and she is a Digital Entrepreneur. In this episode, Shama walks you through her journey as a digital entrepreneur…

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  • Why Passion Matters More Than Skill When Launching a Membership Site

    … Charity Preston — a teacher turned teacherprenuer — shares her incredible journey to creating an online membership network for teachers. Imagine you have a sick child at home that demands 100 percent of your time and attention. And these demands require you to give up your professional career. What would you do? Today’s guest faced that exact…

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  • On Making Choices and Finding New Solutions: Let It Be Easy

    … I’ve been rinsing my mouth with salt water after every meal for the past two weeks. It’s part of the healing process after a wisdom tooth extraction. Oral surgery: the gift that keeps on giving. During the first week, I spilled salt all over my bathroom counter. My container of salt has a perforated opening similar to a salt shaker…

    Stefanie Flaxman/ Copyblogger- 9 readers -
  • Shopify Tutorial – Making Your First Sale [Case Study]

    … I recently built a website using Shopify (for testing purposes), and I’ve come to realize how almost effortless it is to setup/run an online business these days. As this Shopify tutorial demonstrates, Shopify makes it easier than ever to get started selling online What is more, you do not need to spend a lot of money to get started. Provided…

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  • Turn Your Blog Into a Business: A Legal Perspective

    … Are you ready to turn your blog into a business? You can use it to sell digital products, engage in affiliate marketing, or reach out to potential clients. Learn to use the law to your advantage when you monetize your blog. Accidentally Being in Business You might be tempted to ignore the legal stuff when you first start out. You’re not making…

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  • What Sports Teams Do Better Than Businesses

    … This article was originally published on Robert Glazer’s personal blog FridayFwd.com. Over the past few years, I have heard many different leadership speakers reference examples of sports teams operating more efficiently than businesses. This got me thinking about how these teams do it better and what lessons they can teach us. After giving…

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  • Crafting Your Startup’s Unique Value Proposition

    … I talked about MVP’s last time and this week, I’ll be talking about UVP, which is basically your Unique Value Proposition. You can also call it USP. Guess what the S stands for. You might be wondering why your startup will need a UVP. Thing is, you need it right from the start. What is an UVP you might ask? It’s exactly what it is. You need…

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  • Tim Ferriss on Finding and Focusing On What Truly Matters

    … Tim Ferris broke into popular consciousness nine years ago with the release of The 4-Hour Workweek. He’s gone on to create a series of books based on the “4-Hour” concept. That’s in addition to a wildly popular blog, podcast, and even a TV show. But in economic terms, all of that pales in comparison to Tim’s success as an angel investor; he’s…

    Brian Clark/ Copyblogger- 12 readers -
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