• Two powerful marketing lessons I learned from a Portland doughnut shop

    … in general, we all WANT to make more sales. I’m not here to split hairs about recurring revenue or “Well, Rick I only deal with ultra high ticket items”…or “I’m a heart centered entrepreneur so I work with crystals and the altruistic nature of monetary exchange.” (I totally just made that up)… I’m just talking brass tacks here. Straight up Business…

    Lawrence Tam- 16 readers -
  • What is an Entrepreneur – Online Experts Chime In

    … Outside of holding a descent job, getting paid a salary or honest wage, or being happily employed….. Are the “other” people that go about their life approaching their dreams and goals a bit differently. The average person seeing someone LEAVE their corporate job or someone abandon their career.. might seem… crazy. We are the Crazy One’s…

    Lawrence Tam/ Lawrence Tam- 35 readers -
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