• Let’s clear the air: mapping our environment for our health

    … to achieve greater air quality improvements. This kind of information can also be applied to other cities, who are trying to understand local air quality patterns and implement solutions that improve the local environment. Zoom-in of black carbon in Oakland, where you can see block-by-block air quality. Air quality data from Google/Aclima…

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  • Partnering with E.ON to bring Project Sunroof to Germany

    … Solar power is an abundant, low-carbon source of electricity, but historically it’s been more expensive than traditional electricity. Now, with solar costs dropping dramatically, many people are starting to ask: Does solar power make sense on my roof? We launched Project Sunroof in the United States in 2015 to help answer this question and help…

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  • Please, Let’s Not Go There Again

    … Here’s a top-of-my-head rundown of all the shit going down that promises to take us forty years back, to a time when, well…you decide what kind of time it was. Women had to fight for basic rights. Anyone remember “women’s lib”? That movement found its voice in the 70s, and made steady if punctuated progress for forty years. Now Trump’s…

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  • Shedding light on solar potential in all 50 U.S. States

    … Solar power is an abundant, low carbon source of electricity, but historically it has been more expensive than traditional electricity. With solar costs dropping dramatically, many people are starting to ask: does solar power make sense on my rooftop? In my town or state? Since its initial launch in 2015, Project Sunroof has used imagery from…

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  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau documents the changing landscape of Greenland

    … Editor’s note: Today’s post comes from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, “Game of Thrones” star and newly-appointed U.N. Goodwill Ambassador. Nikolaj partnered with our Street View team to collect imagery of Greenland's beautiful and changing landscape, where the impact of global warming can be seen firsthand. Year after year we’ve seen record high…

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  • Ecology at Google brings holistic design to our outdoor environments

    … available science into the design of Google’s outdoor spaces, create partnerships to support the implementation and growth of this science, and share programmatic resources publicly for all to use. Google Ecology Program We’ve long been an industry leader in the design of healthy and sustainable indoor environments, but only recently have we…

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  • Powering a Cleaner Energy Future in Europe

    … On February 2nd, we hosted an event at our Brussels office to discuss how businesses like Google are turning to renewable energy and discuss how EU energy policies can meet the changing needs of consumers and the marketplace. With leaders from both the private sector and policy community, including keynote speaker, European Commission Vice…

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