• 5 Green Questions to Ask Your Rubbish Removal Company

    …, as a business owner, place a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly practices. Your efforts will influence your staff, helping them to reduce the negative impact your business has on the environment. Encourage your staff to reuse, reduce, and recycle by putting environmentally focused practices in place. When looking for an environmentally…

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  • Healthy eating, with sustainability in mind

    … Today, the United Nations, Google and many others celebrate World Food Day, which promotes worldwide action on food security and ensuring nutritious diets for those who suffer from hunger. At Google, food is central to our culture and something we think about every day. Feeding more than 70,000 people around the world breakfast, lunch and dinner…

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  • Our 2017 environmental report

    … with others to empower everyone—businesses, governments, nonprofit organizations, communities, and individuals—to create a more sustainable world. We’ve shared some new stories on our environment website about renewable energy in Europe and our healthy building materials tool. We also describe how these efforts can positively impact the millions…

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  • Exploring strategies to decarbonize electricity

    … Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and the way we generate and use electricity now is a major contributor to that issue. To solve it, we need to find a way to eliminate the carbon emissions associated with our electricity as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Many analysts have come up with a number of possible…

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  • Seeing is believing in the fight against climate change

    … In 2005, more than a thousand of acres of land in my hometown in the Santa Cruz mountains were under threat from a proposed logging contract that would have severely damaged our ecosystem by tearing down ancient Redwoods, increasing potential fire danger and endangering public safety. As part of the community group Neighbors Against…

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  • Chasing Coral on Google Earth

    … Editor’s Note: Richard Vevers, Founder and CEO at the Ocean Agency, talks about his quest to protect our oceans and the underwater journey with Street View that led to “Chasing Coral,” a new Netflix documentary. I am floating above a graveyard, millions of tiny skeletons below me. I am stunned, I am silent. I am witnessing a tragedy in progress…

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  • Let’s clear the air: mapping our environment for our health

    … to achieve greater air quality improvements. This kind of information can also be applied to other cities, who are trying to understand local air quality patterns and implement solutions that improve the local environment. Zoom-in of black carbon in Oakland, where you can see block-by-block air quality. Air quality data from Google/Aclima…

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