• Facebook Takes Fake News Fight to Germany

    … Facebook is extending its efforts to combat fake news to Germany. The social network announced in December that it was turning to third-party fact-checking organizations to help combat fake news and hoaxes, as well as making it easier for users to report fake news and flag questionable posts. Speculation that fake news on Facebook affected…

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  • Facebook Journalism Project: A Complete Guide

    … efforts to disrupt the financial incentives for spammers. In addition, we launched a program to work with third-party fact-checking organizations that are signatories of Poynter’s International Fact Checking Code of Principles to identify hoaxes on Facebook. This problem is much bigger than any one platform, and it’s important for all of us to work together to minimize its reach. Readers: We realize it’s a lot to digest, but what are your initial thoughts on the Facebook Journalism Project? …

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  • The Future of Digital Media: Visual Media and Niche Audiences (Report)

    …. However, online magazines are expected to grow, and 40 percent of audiences surveyed by Pew Research Center obtained most of their news and information from online sources. As a result, niche audiences are growing, and they can be highly engaged and interactive. Marketers may be more interested in the specific targeting, but it’s possible…

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  • When It Comes to Facebook Posts, Size Matters

    … it: The friends, family, news sources, businesses and public figures a person interacts with most are prioritized in their News Feed. Post type: Whether it’s photos, videos or links, News Feed prioritizes the types of posts that a person interacts with most frequently. Post activity: Posts that have a lot of likes, comments and shares (especially from…

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  • Nurturing Your Audience in a Social World

    … they have seen the value of your content, subscribers are more willing to pay than someone that just read your article from a shared Facebook post. There are a number of ways that publishers can capture email addresses and use the channel to nurture audience relationships in a social world. You can add an email signup tool to your Facebook page. NBC did…

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  • Facebook Gets Caught Up in CrowdTangle

    … Facebook announced its acquisition of CrowdTangle, a platform that helps publishers formulate and monitor the performance of their content. A statement on the CrowdTangle homepage from CEO Brandon Silverman and vice president of business development Matt Garmur indicated that the platform would continue to serve clients despite the company’s…

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  • 5 Proven Tips for Retaining Social Visits

    … information in one person’s timeline must have its toll! In fact, a recent study by Microsoft found that the average human attention span is now eight seconds, from about 12 seconds in the year 2000. If you’d like to retain more of your social visits, make sure your content is short, simple and easily digestible. Properly format your content…

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  • Twitter Tests Apple Reader Mode as Default

    … Just the text, ma’am: Twitter is reportedly testing a feature in its flagship iOS application that enables Apple’s Reader mode by default when links are clicked in its in-app browser. The Guardian reported on the test last week, pointing out that Reader removes formatting such as ads, links and comments from webpages, essentially displaying…

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  • Journalism 101, Facebook-Style

    … included a guide for journalists that will explain how to get started on Facebook or simply grow your presence. We’ve heard from journalists that they need more information when deciding between setting up a page or a profile and about how to manage privacy settings. The “Getting Started” course seeks to answer all of those questions and covers…

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