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  • Four overlooked B2B marketing ideas you can use now

    … By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist Many of us are faced with a dizzying array of new marketing technologies and tactics competing for a slice of our time and budget. So what new B2B marketing ideas should you focus on next? Here are four gems you might have overlooked. In my experience, these are not yet widely used technologies…

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  • Big data for marketing? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    … at “Big Data for marketing” and chuckle at how worked up we got over so little. Why? The data we have today is just a tiny sliver of the data we will be swimming in soon. Some of this new data may be terrifying. But the data we have today was terrifying in concept just 10 years ago. As we have in the past, we will come to accept that much…

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  • If you can’t measure marketing ROI, find the right alternative

    … the first step or two). 1. Find the right metrics Better metrics start by answering a pretty simple question: would you spend money to change that number? You are investing time and money into your marketing, you need measure what justifies that investment! There is, of course, an obvious answer for many of us that meets this test: profit…

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  • How I am Embracing Change and Living Purposefully

    … By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist We can all recite the now cliche quote that marketing will change more in the next 5 years than it did in the last 50. We’ve all said at some point that change is the only constant. But do we really love it? Change can be downright terrifying, yet for many of us it isn’t because we are terrified…

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  • Stop Nurturing Me

    … By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist I’m sick of being “nurtured.” To nurture, according to Google, is to “care for and encourage the growth or development of.” The problem is, when a marketer is “nurturing” me, they are clearly caring for and encouraging the growth of their pipeline and revenue. Not me. Not my career. Not my…

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  • Do People Trump Content in Marketing?

    … By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist The world is digital. We find, research, and buy online. But when it comes to big decisions, we still lean on real people, even if that leaning is often digital. At the Sirius Decisions conference earlier this month, Sirius introduced new research based on responses from more than 1,000 B2B…

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  • The Best Way to Measure Thought Leadership

    … By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist The more we use a word, the more we destroy its meaning. Thought leadership? Sure! We’ll just start publishing the barely regurgitated points of view previously shared by others that actually took the time to think about them. Piece of cake. Sadly, this seems to be what thought leadership means…

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  • Two questions to help you find the value of marketing

    … more cost effective than the prior agency’s. Life was good! But during the presentation, we received a shock. Our client’s overall business had barely changed. Ouch! It made me re-consider how we accounted for the value of marketing. We were counting, not causing. We knew people saw our ads and then became customers. But we didn’t have any idea…

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  • The Chasm of Expectations Between B2B Marketers and Buyers

    … to expect high quality education and understanding. How will you deliver a world-class education, free from propaganda and bias, to your buyers and market? Similarly, TED is changing our expectations. Speakers and presentations that used to only be accessible to the elite with the pocketbooks to prove it are now available to everyone. Some of these…

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  • Does Content Marketing Really Have a Confidence Problem?

    By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist You’ve seen the CMI content marketing research stat: only 42% of B2B marketers believe they are effective at content marketing. Often, it is paired with a statistic like 93% of all B2B marketers use content marketing or 73% are producing more content than they did a year ago. What’s going on here? Low confidence in success.

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  • 3 Steps to Building a Better B2B Target Account List

    … By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist Back when direct mail was a staple of B2B marketing, everyone involved knew your list could make or break your marketing. Yes, your offer, creative and message mattered too, but the list was the biggie. Today, the right B2B Target Account List is even more important if you are adopting account…

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  • 5 Reasons LinkedIn Has Lost Its Luster

    … By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist Twitter may be my favorite social network, but LinkedIn was always the network I valued the most. LinkedIn is where I connected with colleagues, clients and business partners. I knew when they moved, when they were promoted and sometimes even what they were working on. In comparison…

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