• 4 Important Checkout Lessons From

    … something up at one of Fry’s stores. The In-store Pickup button in the lower right generated the error. This is one of the most important buttons on the site, doubly so near Christmas when shipping gifts becomes an iffy proposition. Fry’s has gone to in the hopes of getting visitors to click this. It’s a shame it doesn’t work all the time. We were…

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  • Business Blogging: Avoid These Sins

    …Neil Patel’s Eight Pet Peeves About Most Blogs Happy with your business blog? If you’re not, check to see whether you’re committing any of Neil’s eight sins. Here’s the most common “sin” I see, a lack of blog updates: Unfortunately, an updated blog is an anomaly in today’s blogging world. When I see a blog that hasn’t been updated since Gerald…

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