Espresso (/ɛˈsprɛsoʊ/; Italian pronunciation: [eˈsprɛsso]) is coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Espresso is generally thicker than coffee brewed by other methods, has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids, and is topped withcrema, a thin layer of foam. As a result of the pressurized brewing process, the flavors and chemicals in a typical cup of espresso are very concentrated. Espresso is the base for other drinks, such as a caffè latte, cappuccino, caffè macchiato, cafe mocha, or caffè Americano.
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  • App of Joe Looks to Challenge Starbucks, Help Independent Coffee Shops in NYC

    …. Users can purchase “basic” drinks including coffee, tea and espresso for $1 each, while “fancy” drinks, such as lattes and macchiatos, cost $2 each. The app allows users to customize their drinks with things like extra shots or extra flavors, as well as order larger sizes for 30 cents per upgrade for basic drinks and 50 cents per upgrade for fancy…

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