Ethics, sometimes known as philosophical ethics, ethical theory, moral theory, and moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct, often addressing disputes of moral diversity. The term comes from the Greek word ἠθικός ethikos from ἦθος ethos, which means "custom, habit". The superfield within philosophy known as axiology includes both ethics and aesthetics and is unified by each sub-branch's concern with value. Philosophical ethics investigates what is the best way for humans to live, and what kinds of actions are right or wrong in particular circumstances.
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    • Five marketing leadership lessons from the Internet’s biggest scandal

      Logan Paul discovers a dead body in a Japanese forest By Mark Schaefer I normally don’t dive into the world of teen YouTube stars. I’m interested in the sociological phenomena, but beyond that, I find the incessant camera posing and bro pranks boring. No surprise. This is the new “boy band” and I am not their target audience! But this week the Internet absolutely blew up af ...

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    • Facebook’s biggest problem isn’t ethics, hate or fake news. It’s Facebook.

      By Mark Schaefer A recent article in The Wall Street Journal caught my eye: “Mark Zuckerberg Resolves to ‘Fix’ Facebook in 2018” The article explains that the Facebook founder focuses on one major priority each year and Zuckerberg stated his current challenge in this way: “The world feels anxious and divided, and Facebook has a lot of work to do—whether it’s protecting our community from ab.

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  • Five weird lessons from an unexpected viral post

    … (in both directions!) Lesson learned: 1) There is power in being personal If you view social media as a place to just paste links, you’ll never really unleash its full power. I find that my own personal views and introspection get more views, more traction, and more engagement than any link I might share. A good reminder to be human. 2) Engagement…

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  • 10 Profound digital marketing trends to you need to know about now

    … By Mark Schaefer This is the time of year marketing bloggers make the prediction that “this is the year of social video” (for the tenth year in a row!) But I can’t help but make some predictions — thinking about what’s coming next is my professional fuel! I love to connect the dots in new ways and dream about the implications and what the new…

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  • Is Facebook evil?

    … a favorite piece of spam to demonstrate once again that it’s not annoying … it’s an art form! Let’s go … Click on this link to listen to Episode 118 Other ways to enjoy our podcast Click here to download the latest episode or subscribe in iTunes Complete Marketing Companion Episode Guide Find the podcast on Stitcher Please support our…

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  • Digital marketing: A discussion on three touchy subjects

    … implication for marketers: A very common strategy of “piling on” to popular content topics doesn’t work. Outing people on social media — We discuss the recent sexual harassment episodes involving Weinstein, Spacey and Scoble and how social media has become the engine for “outing.” What are the implications for business, for marketing, for working…

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  • Is it OK to use my private conversation in a Facebook Live broadcast?

    …? Is Facebook Live broadcasting a “right?” I posted about this experience on Facebook and received nearly 200 comments from lawyers, the head of social media for a Fortune 100 company, agency leaders, educators, professional speakers, the former head of PR for Ford Motor Company, and even the venerable Robert Scoble. Their commentary and insight…

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  • Five things Facebook is doing right

    … report to shareholders, Zuckerberg wrote that he learned that connecting the world wasn’t enough, Facebook has to build a positive community. Perhaps this is finally an acknowledgment of the company’s responsibility and a shift in the right direction. Overall, Zuck gets high marks as a corporate leader. 3. Rapid innovation with an enormous user…

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  • Tearing down the house: How to handle social media haters

    … hateful comments on social media. I’ve received emails, physical mail, and even voicemails from people telling me how stupid, ignorant, disgusting, and appalling I am to them. “And while I’ve been told I have the skin of a rhinoceros, these vicious statements have left scars of my emotions. Online influence is not for the faint of heart…

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  • How brands can avoid getting dragged down the aisle of internet infamy

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist I recently hosted a discussion around the United Airlines PR debacle. Clearly this event was a colossal system failure of a company culture. The gate agents, the police force, the cabin attendants, and the entire company set of rules and procedures had some role in this poor man being dragged…

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  • How to keep yourself safe from social engineering attacks

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist Your Facebook “About” page says where you were born. LinkedIn states where you work. Your Twitter profile reveals your collegiate team. And that old OKCupid profile you forgot to delete–well, you were a little too open, perhaps. There’s likely a ton of data about you online, especially if you’re…

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  • Crossing the influence line: When does sponsorship destroy your reputation?

    … A comment, a question, and a blog post all came together last week to make me ponder this question: When does an “influencer” become a “salesperson,” and is there a difference? Can a social media influencer cross a line become an ad … instead of a thought leader? Let’s unpack those questions today. The influence line Hamish Campbell recently…

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  • Why traditional journalism and social influence are blurring

    … the most interesting two hours of the whole year. The strain in the room was palpable. They were journalists. They were taught to stay OUT of the news and now their company was urging them to actively participate in the social web. It was a titanic clash of culture and even ethics. But being a reporter AND a brand is the expectation today…

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  • Is content swiping smart marketing or brand desperation?

    … or otherwise make available through the Service. Forbes has always pushed the boundaries of content ethics, pioneering sponsored content and native advertising in many forms. What do you think about this idea of creating new content from answers on Quora? Marketing genius or a desperate reach for new content? Let me know in the comment section…

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  • Are you unknowingly supporting hate speech?

    … By Mark W. Schaefer Are we surrounded by so much hate speech that we are immune to it? Do we even recognize hate speech when we see it any more? Why do we glorify hate as cool and entertaining? Here’s the Twitter post that made me wonder about this … I posted this to Facebook suggesting that this commentary crossed a line. Forget about…

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  • Why it’s OK to be a social media guru

    … By Mark W. Schaefer There have been a lot of rants against inexperienced people putting out their shingle as a social media guru. One recent one by Scott Monty on his amazing new podcast was darn near poetic! As a seasoned professional, it’s frustrating to see somebody competing in your field with next-to-zero experience. A person…

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